Sounding like a band that you have known for years, The Lonely Together take another step towards stardom with this polished indie-pop-rock gem.

‘Keep A Secret’ is the sixth single from Scottish dream rock outfit The Lonely Together’s long-awaited debut LP ‘Everything Viewed Backwards Through The Rearviewmirror’.

A pounding intro immediately recalls vintage Snow Patrol, then Mike Baillie delivers his opening gambit before the song cruises into mid-career Idlewild territory. These are high compliments, not derisory comparisons – and they should come as little surprise to anyone knows a little about the background of ‘The Lonely Together’. In early 2000’s Glasgow, Mike Baillie spent time ‘under the wing’ of Gary Lightbody and ‘The Lonely Together’s debut album was recorded in Edinburgh during lockdown with Idlewild’s Rod Jones. Fine tutelage indeed – and the influences are right there for us to hear – but The Lonely Together are also set to blaze their own path. Having thrown himself into the ‘work’ he loves during the pandemic, Mike Baillie has built a band of his own image.

A song about the bravado/confidence of youth

The production values and song construction on show here are far more advanced than what your average new band or median debut album would sound like. This is also the most direct pop offering yet from The Lonely Together – a real appetite whetter for the album. Further comparisons would be that this song sounds a bit like Silversun Grandaddy Pickups, with the urgency of early Editors. Which also leads me very nicely to my next point. What The Lonely Together might have as a significant advantage over their peers is the lyrical prowess of Mike.

The narrative is actually an older person talking/advising his younger self.

I absolutely love a particular few lines from this song.

“Take every day as it’s gonna come
Live your life tied to the beating drums
If we get enough love, we can make it stop”

With lines like this, the potential for this artist is absolutely gargantuan – we might have another Tom McRae or Tom Smith on our hands. Very few songwriters actually have the ability to describe and deal with the most important of human feelings – but Mike has a real propensity and a natural gift for this.

The Lonely Together is primarily Mike Baillie – a songwriter/producer from Edinburgh

It also seems that Mike is a prolific writer and the music within him is flowing freely right now. The Lonely Together are set to release their long awaited debut LP, ‘Everything Viewed Backwards Through The Rearviewmirror’ in summer 2021, with a follow-up album already rumored for early 2022!

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