Top 10 No. 6 Top 100 Songs 2021 HVIRESS – ARRIVAL

DEBUT SINGLE RELEASED – Friday 28th May 2021

The cyber-dark sound of Hviress has arrived! – and you will be enchanted and seduced.

Arrival is an elegant, hard-hitting single with subtle political undertones

Sleek, glossy and uncompromising, Hana and Mishkin’s debut single ‘Arrival’ is going to suck you straight into a dystopian and post-apocalyptic world. Sounding like a hybrid of Garbage and The Birthday Massacre with Melissa Auf Der Maur on vocals – this intoxicating song is one that you will be compelled to go back to again and again – and you will want to turn the volume right up to get the maximum effect!

The intro. makes you feel like you are disappearing into a black hole and you are totally powerless to do anything about it. At the other end of the black hole, you arrive on Hviress’s plagued planet. One of my favorite parts of the song is the hushed and echoed vocals that carry us towards the conclusion of this epic – it’s the equivalent of a blockbuster movie that you don’t want to end.

Combining the strength of Mishkin’s vocal with the snarling aggression that has become a trademark of Hana’s

This duo are going to biblical lengths to get their message across. “Garry Mitchell (Birdeatsbaby) showed us this backing track he had been working on and the moment we heard it, I had this strong vision of the leaders of the world – the ones making the decisions that are harming this planet – leaving in a spaceship as dust and weather ravaged the earth and those remaining
suffered untold hardship. And then, seven years later, seeing it was again safe to return, those same people who had deserted come back to just pick up where they had left off. And you just know it would happen that way.”

‘Arrival’ is an angry and mournful judgement on the state of the world
and a scathing attack on political and religious hypocrisy

The duo have been fierce friends and writing partners since touring together in 2013. Both came from sheltered religious backgrounds (one Catholic, one Protestant), with a strong focus on
discipline and achievement. However, despite their limited exposure to popular culture, both were drawn to rock music as an expression of their inner turmoil. Each found solace in song-writing and in 2014, when Birdeatsbaby’s existing violinist announced her departure from the band, Hana stepped in and she and Mishkin began a musical career together that has gone from strength to strength. The two bands began touring together relentlessly, exploring all the decadences that rock and roll can offer. However, in 2016, it all fell apart as the intensity of the lifestyle started to become a problem. It was time to step back and reconsider their priorities, including a reassessment of what had now become a romantic partnership.

Two strongly-driven women intent on creating music with true purpose

HVIRESS is a step away from the raucous and riff-based music of Hana Piranha & Birdeatsbaby. Instead it is based in almost entirely electronic sounds, with extra instrumentation from Garry Mitchell’s guitars and Hana’s harp or violin, on occasion. Listeners can expect a more mellow approach, and slick production, that is more suitable for fans of Garbage, Goldfrapp, Portishead, Queen Adreena, Puscifer, How To Destroy Angels and Carina Round.

HVIRESS (pronounced Heiress) is the occult, musical love child of Hana Piranha & Mishkin Fitzgerald (Birdeatsbaby).

Now with a clearer focus and a sustainable career based on strong song-writing and authenticity, Hana and Mishkin have a newfound interest in spirituality, and most particularly the occult. Embracing, as always, her classical roots – Hana also had a vision for the project founded
in the aesthetics and culture of ancient Greek mythology. Mishkin’s fascination with occult practices, combined with an innovative approach to music theory, only added to the band’s unusual and magical leanings.

The accompanying music video for ‘Arrival’ is a must-see. Hviress have a brand and an image that will reach far afield and we eagerly await their next chapter(s) and their first full-length opus.

The compelling music video for ‘Arrival’ – shot by Scott Chalmers, master of the macabre

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