“Joan of Arc” by Peggy James

There’s something uniquely reassuring about the sound of Americana when it’s performed with such conviction and resonance as this, a performance that echoes with the confident humanity of the Midwest. Peggy James probes us to ponder the question “Joan of Arc where are you now? Can you come back and show us how? To be strong and true and proud…”

“Every generation has its challenges and problems but it’s the way we respond to these challenges (or not) that will write the history of our generation. What is most inspiring to me about Joan of Arc is her character, her determination to right the wrongs that plagued her time…

I can’t help but think of Greta Thunberg. I admire her so much. She also is a young girl who is fighting for the whole planet and there are armies of corporations that stand before her. She has a clear purpose and she is true to her cause – to save the planet before it’s too late. I ask the question: Joan of Arc where are you now? If only we could aspire to this kind of spirit, this kind of courage for the future of our country and the world…”

Joan Of Arc” is a beautifully constructed Americana pastiche akin to a Linda Ronstadt / CSNY crossover vibe that will have you singing the chorus proudly in the somewhat tumultuous days, weeks and years ahead… but with buckets of hope!

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