A marvelous delivery of indie rock, alt rock expression. Greek singer-songwriter Laura Danae has released her first seven-track EP. Years in the making, “About Time” is filled with sincere emotion, relationships difficulties, and just pure raw self-expression and visceral energy.

Greek, queer, and Jewish, Laura gives voice to underrepresented individuals, and thanks to that (and her amazing songs) she has garnered a several tens of thousands of streams on Spotify. The benefits of being her own true-self. “Deeply influenced by artists like The Cure, Depeche Mode, A-Ha, Keane, PJ Harvey, and an undeniable rawness reminiscent of Alanis Morissette, Laura Danae is here and ready to envelop us with 90s alternative nostalgia.

“About Time” is about pivotal moments on Danae’s life, as well as the people in it. “These songs are anchored in very significant life experiences that everyone can relate to.” – Laura Danae.

Filled with energy, first song “Wylde” bursts right away with huge drums, pop-punk guitars and a very secure attitude and performance by Laura. One hell of a way to start up an EP.

Next, a pop-rock “anti-ballad” reminiscent of 90s grunge: “It’s Me“. Angst, separations, feeling lost, the whole package. “So messed up!” You may feel the need to cry as soon as the bridge comes up. So sad and beautiful! It rocks!

Honey” was written in one sitting after I had been led on by the first girl I ever had feelings for; I still have the scribbled piece of paper.” – Laura Danae. Smooth, groovy bass and drums, quite cathartic. It does make me angry… Guess that girl is feeling pretty dumb right now!

Blasting away with more grungy attitude, “Violet” strikes hard and fast. Hype it up!

“‘Anxiety‘ was written during a time when I felt suffocated by my surroundings; I still remember sitting in the restaurant and being overwhelmed by the booming sounds around me.” – Laura Danae. Half-time smoothness, I swear that bass is cotton made. Beautiful vocal delivery.

But it’s not all black, as soon as “Here I’ll Stay” hits, you may rise up to emotional heaven. So much feeling, so much yes. “I am tired of feeling like I’m alone, ’cause I’m not but I feel it“. Relatable!

And, man, last song? I mean, bring down the tears!! This song would make a grown ass man cry. For real! “Everything (Everything)” does make you feel everything! Let me get my tissue…

“Creating this EP was a cathartic act for me, so I hope that listening to my songs will bring people comfort and create a sense of camaraderie. Now that this project is released, my hope is that listeners can find their own meaning within my words, which to me is the beauty of creating music.” – Laura Danae.

And we are very excited about Laura’s release and wish her well and great success for this songs deserve it. Hope you find Laura’s voice and music as amazing as I did, and please leave a like on this article if you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading!

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