Lydia Briggs “Daylight”

Have you ever noticed someone looking sick or sad in public, and how everyone just seems to walk past like they’re invisible? This bystander apathy, common in today’s society, is a sad trend. With this in mind, I’m pleased to introduce a young artist, who has written a remarkably strong single, which seeks to both heal the vulnerable and speak out for them. Read on to learn more about this anthem of a song!

This young lady is Lydia Briggs, a singer-songwriter who has found passion in making music since she was a small child. She began playing the piano at the age of 5, which was soon followed by her first experiments at writing lyrics and songs at age 13. Things built up speed from then on, with her joining the Gin House Records roster and going into the studio to record with a renowned producer Jim Wirt.

The resulting releases are slow, beautiful and tuneful piano-led pop tunes with her young voice starring in the center stage. The flowing emotions grow satin wings on her potent vocals and after listening to her music, there’s no doubt she has full potential to become a star vocalist.

Today the artist is ready to caress us with a new single, a melodious pop song called “Daylight“. The song’s atmospheric production is immersive, bringing in an underlined sense of cold passing indifference, the sensation similar to being out in an empty street with no-one there for you. Her soft vocals remain in place, looking around and trying to figure out why is this lack of empathy going on. Written based on personal experiences with bystander apathy, this song becomes an anthem of importance speaking for the helpless, the callout to break this widely spread apathy and show empathy to those in need. Allow this song to encourage pushing aside the fear of making yourself dumb and offering a helping hand and brighter day!

Her voice in “Daylight” feels so silky I feel it deserves an own paragraph. Writing such strong songs at the age of 17 is amazing and I’m sure her equally stunning vocal skills will be heard by a much bigger audience in the future. Join Lydia Briggs and become a part of her journey!

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