Rebecca Tommasi – “Star”

Sometimes, we get overwhelmed by the things that happen around us. We disconnect ourselves as a defence mechanism and, worse of all, we forget what is truly important, what is miraculous about the people and the world that surrounds us. Rebecca Tommasi’s new single “Star” helps us recconnect with ourselves and our environment by serving as a reminder of the little moments in life that are magical and makes it worth living.

Rebecca Tommasi is a singer-songwriter from Southwest London. She started attending jazz singing lessons at the age of 34 and her first gig was at the age of 36. While she began her career playing jazz standards, she decided to write her own music a few years later. “Star” is the first single of her debut EP Another Dawn, in which Francesco Lo Castro, one of the collaborators Tommasi has met during her years in jam sessions, serves as producer.

One of the greatest achievements by Tommasi in “Star” is the sheer sense of wonder she can convey. While the track starts with a grounded piano introduction, we are quickly transported into a dream like state. As it is the case of jazz, each instrument enjoys certain independence from one another, while at the same time they function together organically to create a magical atmosphere that makes us stand in awe, in desbelief of if what we are hearing is truly real. This sensation is amplified to Tommasi’s lyrics, which create images and share little observations and thoughts that are likely to go unnoticed in everyday life. Her soothing vocals ease us into a hyperaware state of mind, as if her voice was our own thoughts printed into the track. A standout moment of “Star” is the solo in which Tomassi’s vocals intercede and harmonize around the melody built by the guitar.

Star was initially inspired by watching the sun set one evening from a train window, heading towards London bridge, in December sometime I think. I thought about how the sun never fails to rise again. Later on, during covid I really thought about how people, humanity is amazing at overcoming things everyday, how we never fail to get back again and try again. I also reflected on rest periods and how its ok to take a break sometimes, to recharge, that’s so important.” -Rebecca Tommasi

If you are interested in jazz or want to experience an out of body experience, make sure to give “Star” a listen. If you are further interested in Tommasi’s work, remember that her debut EP Another Dawn is due the 25th of June; with “Star” she has surely caught our eye!

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