Stay For Tomorrow – “I Don’t need you to save me”

An addictive rock tune to blow your toxic ex away. Star For Tomorrow’s brand new single, “I Don’t Need You To Save Me” is an empowering up beat rock song that reminisces bands such as My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco. Get your dancing shoes on!

Scottish alternative rockers, Stay For Tomorrow is a band formed in 2018 by singer and rhythm guitarist Joe MacFarlane, lead guitarist Nic Holson, drummer Sean Priestley and bassist Ollie Cobbett. The band began gathering recognition after their 2019 self-produced debut single “Kings and Queens” and following then with “Rumours”.

All that momentum lead the foursome to sign with Reaction Management prior to delivering their third single, Criminal, a collaboration with talented singer Aveleen Rose.

“IDNYTSM” (‘id-in-yets-ma’, as the band calls it internally), is about a toxic relationship and pulling yourself together to get out of it. ‘Standing on my two feet again’. The song is filled with big chunky guitars, growling bass and a very catchy composition. Energetic, freedom-filled, this song might take you back to your high school or university days, when you’re toxic relationship was at is dawn. Very empowering elements and lyrics carry the song away.

“The track is a contagious cut, loaded to the nines with engaging guitar parts and framed by an anthemic chorus.

Very anthemic indeed, you will learn the lyrics straight away and start singing the song on a loop in your head.

“This was the first song that Joe and Nic worked on back in 2018 and was recorded, mixed and mastered by Mark Morrow in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2020.

The main thing to expect from their music is something different in each song. The strive to make every song different to the last while still retaining their own essence, sound and voice. Despite the serious theme, the song feels quite cheerful, happy almost, and will set the listener to a good mood and a need to dance to the beat and chorus.

“The song is very uplifting and will hopefully raise everyone’s spirits, especially after the last year we have had. So dust off your dancing shoes, get your rock horns in the air and prepare to dance, party and rock out to ‘Stay For Tomorrow’.

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