NEW SINGLE RELEASED – Friday 28th May 2021

An amusing nostalgia trip… and a genius project!

Back to 1964 we go – via this harmonica-sprinkled, quintessentially English, lively romp of a song!

Some of the sounds of the 60’s are still ubiquitous and as influential as ever today – and The Friends Of Norman Havelock are fully embracing this – but with a bit of a modern twist. Reciting the events of a pretty disastrous 1964 Spring Bank Holiday with splashes of humor and trusty, veteran musicianship as the foundation – The Friends Of… have a future hit on their hands, albeit 57 years later than Norman Havelock would have liked!

If you like to reminisce… if you like some hilarity in your music… and if you like melodic-Britpop, this is the song and the band for you!

The band have embarked on a fascinating project together – re-imagining lost 60’s tracks that never saw daylight or got enough recognition, for audiences in the 21st century. In the year 2000, little-known ‘60s songwriter, bandleader and arranger Norman Havelock, shuffled off this mortal coil, a largely forgotten man. Now, 21 years later, his creative genius burns ever brighter as these songs are given some erudite tinkery and a new lease of life!

‘Spring Bank Holiday’ channels the Holy Trinity of ‘60s beat groups – The Beatles, The Kinks and The Who in a fresh and captivating way, charting Norman’s ill-fated trip to Brighton in search of (Miss) Adventure!

Acting as a veritable almanac through the most culturally thrilling of decades and curated chronologically in the band’s forthcoming Long Player, Whimsica Sardonica!, these songs bear uncanny witness to one man’s extraordinary personal journey through the shifting sands of the era that was to define him.

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