Under Delusion “Fairy”

We’re glad to announce that Moscow, Russia-based rock band Under Delusion have released a new single, entitled “Fairy.”

Featuring low timbred female vocals leading the way, Under Delusion’s sound is given further depth and fullness by the mix of guitar riffs and synth grooves. Balancing familiarity with unquestionable identity, their sound stands out and presents a fresh approach to alternative rock.

Comprised of band members well into their thirties, Under Delusion speaks volumes on behalf of life-long passion and experience united. Presenting themes of love, anger, loss, and all manner of honest reflections on humanity and life itself, their songs call out to the deep thinkers and emotionally uncertain alike. In times of great division and difficulty, they offer understanding, escapism, and solace.

“Fairy,” is the third single released by Under Delusion, who have previously released two other singles, “Shame” in 2020 and “Forgive” in March of this year. Describing the process for writing their latest single, the band says, “The song was written in 1 hour and lyrics probably came from above!) I had just recorded a new riff and top line and improvised on my solo guitar. After I replayed the record with my improvisation I could definitely hear many lines of text in guitar track. I took a pencil and just wrote it down in ten minutes adding some phrases to get the whole story. That’s why it’s easier and more fun than any of our songs.

And regarding the lyrical themes of the “Fairy,” the band writes, “The song is about relationship that (for some reasons) can’t be brought to your “official” life but you are glad that it was in your life.” Under Delusion have also created a great lyric video for “Fairy,” which you can check out here.

“Fairy” begins with a driving guitar riff and airy synths, which create an energetic mood for the track. As the drums and bass soon join in, the guitar takes on a heavily distorted tone that characterizes the track’s choruses; and the resounding bass and whirring synths harmonize with the guitar riffs quite well, creating a brilliantly dynamic sound. Throughout “Fairy,” the inspired lyrical passages flow perfectly together, the deep female vocals complementing the echoing, staccato guitar notes and washes of synths during the verses quite nicely and highlighting the distorted guitar chords during the track’s compelling choruses.

Under Delusion’s latest single is a highly enjoyable listen, and exemplifies the band’s excellent songwriting as well as their superb musicianship. I would definitely recommend this track to fans of alternative- and hard rock alike.

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