DEBUT SINGLE RELEASED – Friday 28th May 2021

Innocence and longing – UnderwaterSun is a unique and engaging story-teller…

A personal experience of a holiday romance that ended before it had even begun. It’s a journey of reflection for the “want” to be in love, as you think it will fix everything and make you happier when in reality, it doesn’t

Love’s young dream. We’ve all been there. How tremendously painful it is when we develop these feelings and don’t know how to articulate them or deal with them.

UnderwaterSun has managed a clever take on this in song and it is an exciting debut single by this young man. What he has created here is simultaneously humorous and emotional – but the vibes are summery, beachy, fun and very enjoyable. As lo-fi bedroom pop and debuts of this kind go, it has been masterfully put together. Harry’s voice is endearing and the song somehow manages to be both melancholic and uplifting. The chiming guitar is happy and playful and the inclusion of whistling throughout the song works an absolute treat and complements the song like a gentle breeze on a hot summer’s day. This song would slot right in very nicely on Badly Drawn Boy’s ‘The Hour Of Bewilderbeast’.

UnderwaterSun is an emerging Birmingham based singer-songwriter/producer –
a DIY bedroom pop project of Harry Aidan Sampson

UnderwaterSun’s sound takes inspiration from the pioneers of the bedroom pop genre such as Rex Orange County, Peach Pit, Still Woozy and Dayglow but adds his distinctively British innocent sound, resembling classic indie noughties bands such as The Kooks.

He wrote, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered ‘Girl I Never Knew’ all by himself in his bedroom. UnderwaterSun is already a well-established guitarist in Birmingham, playing for artists such as ‘LIBEE’ and ‘LYD’, honing his musicianship. He is a final year BIMM Birmingham student studying Professional Musicianship and his studies have allowed him to explore and truly find his sound as an artist.

UnderwaterSun will release another single in a couple of weeks time and also plans to release more songs as soon as possible.

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