The Kid and I “Morning Song”

We’re glad to announce that Hertfordshire, United Kingdom-based indie/alternative rock band The Kid and I have released a new single, entitled “Morning Song.”

Written and recorded entirely alone, The Kid and I is multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Jacob Powell, who started the project in 2020 during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Jacob has always had a dream to record and release his own music, so he learned to produce and mix while recording demos in his garage at home. After some time, he began releasing these to the world, hoping to create a full-fledged band and play shows as soon as he could. The influences of The Kid and I have grown in various forms over the years, beginning with the 90’s alternative rock scene and bands such as Nirvana, Foo Fighters, and Radiohead, all the way to more contemporary acts such as Phoebe Bridgers, black midi, and Death Goals, and as far as Tyler, The Creator.

Prior to “Morning Song,” The Kid and I released two other great singles, “White Feather” in 2020 and “Hey” earlier this year (for which you can read our review here). The Kid and I’s music has been featured on Amazing Radio and Costa Calida Radio as well as a few Spotify playlists; and with COVID restrictions lifting, The Kid and I is set to have a live touring line up, with hopes to play shows and tour the UK before the end of the year.

The Kid and I’s latest single explores a collage of themes, including small town life and the anxiety surrounding the end of the world. About the inspiration behind “Morning Song,” Jacob writes, “So, the story behind this track is a collection of things, a little journey through my worries and my day to day life. Initially it’s about the grind of getting up very early going to a little job you hate, but taking joy in the simple things such as birds and watching the sunrise in the morning, being by yourself. It’s also about the ‘characters’ you meet in a small town environment that make up the community, for better or for worse, the mad hatter in the song being the town drunk who I used to see all the time, giving soap box speeches in the town centre whilst mid way through a 2 litre bottle of cider. Eventually I start addressing things that are kind of more personal to me – fears of growing old and never achieving anything, about wanting to leave town and run while I’m still young, very Bruce Springsteen, and my fear that the world will end due to conflict between the super powers of the world. I guess overall it’s about wanting to grow up and take charge and independence of your life but also struggling to face the inner demons/anxieties and feeling too overwhelmed to go forward. My only real coping mechanism so far has been to play music, which is very cheesy to say, but ultimately that is what I’ve found helps me out best, and the song is a celebration of that, of having a release and taking joy and pride in it.

“Morning Song” starts with a bright acoustic guitar melody, which is highlighted nicely at the beginning of the track by a vocal harmony. The electric guitar melody soon joins in, complementing the acoustic guitar quite well and introducing the track’s first verse, where the steady bass and precise drumming create a catchy, energetic groove. Throughout “Morning Song”’s inspired lyrical passages, the vocals flow perfectly between the track’s reflective verses and anthemic choruses, harmonizing with the acoustic- and electric guitar nicely and showcasing The Kid and I’s excellent songwriting and superb musicianship.

“Morning Song” is a highly enjoyable listen, and I would definitely recommend this track to fans of indie- and alternative rock.

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