Alternative rock band, Indigo FM are back once more with a lush delivery of a smooth sounding, hips moving, single: “Anhedonia“. This’ll be their fourth single up to date and it’s a song about the search for meaning amidst the chaos of modern everyday life.

Indigo FM is an LA based four piece Alt-Rock band created by Esteban Obando (lead vocals/guitar/keys), Connor Sullivan (Guitars/keys/bg vocals), Patrick Taylor (Bass), and Johannes Gritschacher (Drums). All of them with an outstanding resumé, experience and musical talent.

Finding inspiration in previous giants of alternative/indie rock like The Killers, Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, The Black Keys and Weezer, Indigo FM seeks to throw back unpredictability and witty song-writing into the scene once more.

Anhedonia” is a 2000’s indie rock vibe song that searches for meaning in our everyday lives. Feelings of determination and coolness are paired with occasional shimmers of restrained emotions, wanting to breakthrough.

“Around September of 2020 when we sat down to start writing this song, deep in the throes of quarantine, I guess on some level I wanted to write about how every day is a search for meaning, especially when everyday starts to follow a very similar rhythm and you feel powerless to change it.” – Esteban Obando

The mood is gritty, the flow smooth, Esteban’s voice feels a bit heavy (the weary search for answers leaks out of his voice) as he sings: “Take control surrendering, Try and make the most of it, maybe we’re all suffering from Anhedonia.”

We wanted to write about the search for meaning in everyday life and how sometimes you can feel powerless to control your surroundings.

Indigo FM isn’t known for making the same thing twice, in fact they are always looking out for new challenges and horizons. Despite so, their sound is somehow still instantly recognizable. They are, as a matter of fact, wrapping up a batch of singles ready to be released this 2021.

“Anhedonia” was written, recorded and produced by Esteban Obando, Johannes Gritschacher, Connor Sullivan and Patrick Sullivan and mixed by Matthew Sim.

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