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Pandemic, most city-dwellers having the aftertaste of lockdown. Most of us experienced very strong emotions clashing with one another at the time, and I feel many of us still continue having those effects on our mental well-being. An artist I’m about to introduce has taken those storming emotions and put them into a surging electropop song, and the result is well worth listening to!

The star of this writeup is Patricia Zulueta, a singer-songwriter and electronic music producer. Music has been an important part of her life ever since she was small and would constantly sing and dance. Joining theatre camps and singing in school musicals was a natural progression of things for the young future artist, and so was her learning how to play guitar and get a hang of music production software in college. Her passion for music has led to her performing in various indie bands, growing her skills as a vocalist and guitarist. But like many other passionate artists, her musical interests spread beyond just one genre – fascinated by powerful, forward-thinking artists such as Björk and SOPHIE, the love for experimental electronica soon found place in the artist’s own solo project. And that’s Inés, an experimental electropop project, completely homegrown as explained by the artist:

“First-time listeners can definitely expect my music to sound highly-produced, yet lo-fi given the fact that I create it all myself in my home studio.”

Inés the project has just dropped the debut single, a sparking visceral song titled “Run”. Written during the year of the pandemic, this song becomes the musical illustration of the craziness that has been going on ever since the world got taken over by germs. And it does so well, with the layered percussive elements flying around like an organized flock of starlings, switching turns with the kicking beat. The sudden onset of string synths feels like getting soaked in warm rain, while the echoing vocals navigate between the sculptures in this everchanging aural space. Insanely busy drums and sound design sections follow floating celestial bits, and all this could well be the representation of anxiety in the morning followed by relaxation and feeling all is well in the evening,

“I originally wrote this song as a commission by the Smart Museum of Art for music about 2020. I really wanted to evoke the craziness of the past year by having lots of unexpected transitions and weird elements in the track. “Run” reflects the paranoia and uncertainty I have felt this year during the pandemic and in quarantine. In order to have that unpredictable quality in the song I listened to a lot of SOPHIE, Björk, Arca and COBRAH tracks (they are definitely some of my biggest influences). I love the brash combination of pretty chords and light instruments with harsh beats and clangs. In my future production efforts, I hope to continue blending together bright and dark sounds to create unique pieces. I produced “Run” entirely by myself using Logic Pro X and recorded the vocals in my bedroom.”

Given the fact the effects of this pandemic are far from insignificant, especially on people’s mental health, and that the virus talk won’t end anytime soon, “Run” will continue to resonate within all of us for the foreseeable future.

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