agne_b “Pasiklausyk”

Fulfilling her artistic view by writing a song entirely in her mother tongue, agne_b takes a faithful and hopeful step with the painfully heart-wrenching ‘Pasiklausyk’.

After a previous release that discussed heartbreak, derealization, and the emotional changes Agné Bergelyté went through during her twenties, all beautifully encapsulated in ‘le† mE GO’ — which Less Than 1,000 Followers reviewed upon release, the artist makes another comeback less than three months later with another song inspired by events that transpired when she was younger. With the english translation of the title being “Listen To Me”, Pasiklausyk is yet another emotionally distressing song from the Lithuanian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. 

Pasiklausyk is also the second single from her upcoming EP, and it continues with the poignant ambience established by its predecessor. 

As it seems to be the case with agne_b’s music, the true experience of this song is undoubtedly the first listen. While lacking context is a good way to easily submerge oneself into the story right away,  having the full (within the boundaries of the artist’s privacy) context of the events that inspired such an emotive song allows for a deeper understanding of the emotions in Angé’s voice, to the point that the language barrier is merely an obstacle for those unwilling to make emotional contact with this piece of art. 

Contrary to Agné’s initial expectations, the artist has received countless positive feedback regarding her decision to make music in a language that isn’t English. With the desire to write a song in lithuanian and the (un)expected support from English speaker listeners, Agné was finally motivated into taking out this old song and working on it as a proper releases, and on the 21st of may she managed to capture the soul of many listeners despite them not knowing the meaning of the lyrics. When emotion is overpowered but still injected in a very controllable manner, there is a man to praise the person who achieved both excess and moderation.

Agné talks more about the origins of the song, keeping her private live vague but giving enough intel for listeners to create their own interpretations of the lyrics, which uses metaphors about falling down, losing power or being lost in emotion, and the need to be close to the sun to convey mental health struggles.

“This song was written a few years ago and is one of the closest to my heart. It was one of those songs that came out in [less than] 5 minutes after I sat down at the piano; it’s also the only completed song of mine in the Lithuanian language so far. I wrote it for my friends and family who were going through some really rough patches in their life; the lyrics speak about mental health and feeling suicidal whilst encouraging to stop and think about the value of life. Since it’s recorded and out in the world now, I hope it helps a lot more people than just the ones I know and that the feeling portrayed in the music will comfort them without the language barrier being an issue.”

Agné’s talent for songwriting is worthy of praise regardless of the language she’s written in, and her ability to convey emotion combined with the previous statement will help push the artist very far into success and acknowledgement. After continuously chasing this dream for over eight years, Agné is slowly collecting the fruits of her efforts, and although it’s unclear what her next move will be or what she’ll write about next, it is not an understatement to say she’ll attract a multitude of eyes and enjoyers no matter what she does.

Closing off with part of the ending lyrics of Pasiklausyk to give a small taste of Agné’s poetic ability, we can only wish for her path to be lit up and for her sense of direction to lead her to good fortune.

“And you’re so blind and lost now.

And you’re so blind and lost now.

Take that sun always so blinding,

And embrace it, so no one would find it.”

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