The take off vibes are astounding. I think its so important how a song starts, and this song has got a great hook. Starting with a beautiful rhodes piano and an ambient pad that gives you the sensation that you are within nature. I get the sensation that I’m at a beautiful forest, near a lake, surrounded by birds, water and trees. As you keep listening to the song, the space grows bigger and bigger, letting you in a big beautiful field, and you can see an amazing clear blue sky above you. You can almost feel the air and the breeze running through your face and through your hair, swirling around your whole body. When the guitar riff starts running I can feel myself running on the field with it. 

“Fly On” sends the message, enough is enough. You’ve been here for her too many times before and can’t keep playing second fiddle with her. Not when you feel the way you do about her. Time for her to “Fly On”.

This band that brings us all of this experience is The Freight. They are are keeping the momentum going in 2021 with their 3rd single release of the year “Fly On” after their last single “Found” which was their most successful release yet. This latest single is an ambitious, thematic anti-ballad that clearly shows The Freight are so much more than just rock n’ roller’s.  In this sublime composition and instrumentation, the versatility and growth of the band are on full display, there’s no doubt of it.

Fly On” is a spacious, ambient journey of string arrangements, percussion elements and great harmonies.  In this song you can really appreciate every single part of this amazing band since all the players have their own shining moments. The name of this single really does it justice, since you can hear the band spreading their wings throughout. The song is the bands most ambitious production yet and engineer/producer Jeff Rosen of Cherrywood Records completely delivered. This song has vibes of vintage U2 deep cuts and has an almost cinematic feel to it. 

A very special thank you to Jake Sullivan for the masterful fiddle playing he delivered on this track. Jack really captured the emotion of the song with his playing.

This song was written by the talented Adam Tiro, guitarist and vocalist of the band. And you will be amazed to know that the impecable artwork for the single cover was hand painted by the talented multi-disciplinary artist Marc Loverin, drummer of the band.

Don’t let go of the chance to feel your wings spreading as you listen to this song build, feeling the instruments moving all around you, and finally reaching the climactic ending with an arrangement of strings, and big harmonies that will leave you speechless. 

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