KinetiX “White Oil”

With the release of their third single, White Oil, the Offaly trio of brothers that form the band KinetiX honors modern pop drum and bass pop songs by including all of its classic hallmarks in this timely track.

This is not KinetiX’s first release of the year. Back in mid February, the band released yet another pop song that featured the popular synths and sophisticated EDM sounds; Clear To You. The song was reviewed by Less Than 1,000 Followers on the day of its release, and the artistic and musical diversity found in both singles and their previous discography is undeniable proof of their potential. With Clear To You, the brothers were set to prove their ability to capture daring and complicated relationship in a lyrical and instrumental sense: White Oil, on the other hand, is their attempt to go past the unpresented coming and now ordinary lifestyle caused by the pandemic. In the lyrical aspect, White Oil contains an encouraging message that highlights the importance of human connections.

This drum and bass rallying call is a wakeup message for anyone who, during this moment of their lives, is still unable to wake up and face reality, as well as to people who have fallen back in a depressive state after spending over a year trying to move on and find happiness in their new routines as they try to ignore the yearning of their past.

As it was previously stated, White Oil is about not letting go of human bonds and interaction, for it is a basic human need and a primary source of socialization and happiness. However, it is not the only theme the song touches upon. The song also proposes a way to move on and find who we are; using this time to find and launch a new lifestyle or way of thinking might help one feel reborn and ready to face the challenge of time of patience until it is time to face the new reality that will arrive in the near future.

“We are trying to convey a simple message in this song…it’s time to open up your arms again and let people in. If you have had any negative thoughts or were being hard on yourself for the last few months, it is time to let that all go and start living your life again…get out there and start living your life for you.”

Opening the doors to a new chapter in their own and their listeners lives, KinetiX successfully stays faithful to the modern stylings of drum and bass as they obtain a more profound connection with their audiences.

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