Red Ran the Mathematikal “Illiquid”

We’re glad to announce that Colombo, Sri Lanka-based drum and bass/breakbeat artist Red Ran the Mathematikal has released a new single, entitled “Illiquid.”

Red Ran the Mathematikal is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer who plays guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, and synths, as well as handling the programming (MIDI, Drums, etc.). Music has long been a part of Ran’s life, whether listening, playing, or composing; however, it was only during the COVID lockdown of 2020 that he started to think about releasing his music.

Ran is influenced by a wide range of musical genres and artists including jazz musicians like Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, and John Coltrane (his first release is entitled “Cold Train,” and he’s also recorded a take on “Naima” that isn’t on Spotify in the US/Canada/India due to licensing); D’n’B artists such as LTJ Bukem, PFM, and Photek; hip hop artists such as RZA, DJ Premier, DJ Muggs, and Aim; as well as rock bands like Pink Floyd and fusion artists such as Allan Holdsworth.

While Ran’s main inspiration for his current set of releases is 90s D’n’B/jungle and breakbeat, his music also represents a unique interpretation and take on the genre, evidencing the freedom of expression that he feels is especially important with all the lockdowns and restrictions these days. As he writes, “Overall I’m trying to come up with my own sound. I love the 90’s d’n’b/jungle scene and have a lot of different musical influences as well. I feel very free in putting my own style of melodies, chords & textures over a d’n’b backdrop.

Elaborating on his philosophy behind creating music, Ran says, “The events of last year (such as Covid-19) allowed me to focus on creating music and in the decision to go a step further and release music. Music is so important to me – as a listener it has got me thru both the good and bad times in life. As a composer – music makes me feel free; I get a chance to put my feelings and emotions in a track. I want to share my music with people and hope it connects with them.

All of Red Ran the Mathematikal’s current releases were recorded in his dining room, where his cat is sometimes heard. As Ran writes, “I’ve had to re-record lot of takes because of my cat, Nala. Some tracks may be carrying a faint meow and on one track I dropped my bass because of her and I can hear it (I decided to keep that take – it’s in a forthcoming track). There’s a song written for her as well – I plan on releasing it in 2022.”)

One of Ran’s old tracks has been featured in a snowboarding documentary (WhiteRiders TV 2006); and his first release, “Cold Train” has been featured in the DNB Dojo March 2021 podcast.

 “Illiquid” is Red Ran the Mathematikal’s second release, and it has been featured in the ACID Ted music blog, who wrote that the track is “… a rather lovely piece of dark jazzy experimentation on the liquid drum and bass style … Ultimately, it’s a brilliantly executed track celebrating a minimal drum and bass style. Clever, clever stuff.” Regarding the title of his new single, Ran explains, “I am being little playful here. To me this sounds completely like the polar opposite of a “liquid” d’n’b track which is what I was intending. It’s dark, minimal and the underlying chords are jazz-based.

“Illiquid” begins with the dark, echoing sounds of plucked strings, which harmonize nicely with the deep, cello-like bass that soon joins in. The track is punctuated by resounding crashes of a gong and delicate chords on a koto, while staccato bass notes and precise drum breaks later enter to create a wonderfully intricate rhythm. Echoing trumpet notes are interspersed nicely amidst the soundscape and add to “Illiquid”’s moody, expansive, and cinematic feel, bringing to mind the IDM genre at the same time that the track is rooted in D’n’B.

Red Ran the Mathematikal’s new single is a highly enjoyable listen, and evidences Ran’s genre-pushing creative vision as well as his superb musicianship. I would definitely recommend this track to fans of D’n’B, cinematic, and ambient music alike.

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