Toronto Blessings – White Flags

Chaos! Chaos and anarchy! British punk rockers Toronto Blessings are back with a heavy a$$ single sure to melt your effin face off!! “White flags, white flags, white flags!“. Listen right now, right now, right now to “White Flags“!

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Straight out off Barnsley, UK, Toronto Blessings is a Post Punk band created by Rik Whitehead (Vocals and Bass Guitar), Dale Evans (Guitar and Synth), and Richard Murray (Drums). Influenced by the idea of fusing abrasive sounds with memorable melodies, they fuse electronic and post punk elements via synths and guitars. “A massive cacophony of unbridled noise”!!!

White Flags” was born out of frustration with events out of your control. “When Brexit took place we felt powerless to stop the train wreck from happening. It’s about a government dividing the country and making everything worse for their own political gain.” Boo! >:(

Forever destroying relationships with their neighbors, “White Flags” was recorded separately by each band member in their own houses after the pandemic occurred. Dale then mixed the track and sent it over to their long time friend Jason Sanderson to tweak the mix and master. Jason has worked with Rolo Tomassi, 65 Daysofstatic, Hawk Eyes and Ginger Wildheart amongst many, many other bands. Needless to say, the band was over the moon with how he pulled the sound together.

The initial synth works as a warning, just before the whole song kicks through, immediately scorching the listener’s ear. “The ethos was to make it a short sharp punch to the gut.” And, man, can it throw a punch!

White Flags was written out of the frustration of not being heard. Things were happening in the world and no matter how much you’re told you have an influence, not a lot changes. It’s a short sharp musical jab about wanting to give up at the time. It kinda clears the air for you to move on. We recorded the song ourselves and we think it’s a belter.” – Toronto Blessings.

Amusingly, the band hasn’t been on the same room for months, they’ve just kept sending each other files back and forth. “We were like Pink Floyd recording The Final Cut only we still love each other and we’re all terrifically poor.

Toronto Blessing’s massive sound is something to look out for. While invited to play at BBC Radio Sheffield, they were so loud that they were broadcasted live over the football results.

The production assistant from that show came running in shouting at us to stop until they’d finished their section. Apparently no band had ever done that before and the studio upstairs is mega soundproof. We were happy with that one.”

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