Arthur Rey “Persephone”

The feeling of emptiness. It’s one of those sad pits that can come and hit you at random, and usually does so pretty hard. With this in mind, I’m glad to introduce an artist whose new single is all about that feeling, and the road to acceptance. A treat for all of you who love the beauty of classical and the emotional side of music!

This person is Arthur Rey, a French composer and pianist specialized in making the most emotive kind of music. For him, music has become the perfect medium for carrying everything about feelings without losing any depth, and the artist has been inspired by that force music has ever since he started composing music.

“There has been no interference in my creation. If at times, over the last twelve years, I have composed songs, it is because at each of these moments, I could do nothing else but transmit my feelings through music. I understood that this emotional richness that I had drawn from music could be transmitted to others. It’s as simple as that: I want to affect others, and let my music resonate in everyone.”

As the artist mentions, he has been busy composing over the last twelve years. Now he is back, ready to take listeners on an aural journey on the wings of his delicate piano-driven music interwoven with elements of minimalism, orchestral music and a dash of electronica. His songs are both bold like trees and gentle like bird feather in the wind. And they are built to move – the artist knows how to evoke the deepest emotions in all of their color. At the same time, his music paints such a vivid image in the head of the listener immersed by the sound. Inspirations flow in from multiple windows both genre-wise, and masters of their crafts, such as Abel Korzeniowski, Max Richter, Hans Zimmer, Yann Tiersen, Ludovico Einaudi, Michael Nyman, Philip Glass, Lambert and Jean-Michel Blais.

Today, Arthur releases his second single Perséphone , which marks the end of his first chapter on the journey. Beginning on a timid note, he allows the sound to reproduce the feeling of emptiness, one of that kind that follows when someone you care about is no longer there. The path to acceptance is difficult and full of struggles, which is beautifully shown by the rhythm and quietness of the piano notes. But once the emptiness is accepted, the strings join in like a ray of hope before the final bit – the swelling symphony, a ceremony for the emotionally battered for overcoming the dark.

This single is released to complete the story that was begun by Altération. The timid sadness, being revolted by the emptiness within, the search for the way out, feeling hopeless, finding a glimmer of hope this feeling would subside and the heart would soon weigh less – all of this finds place in these two releases hand-in-hand.

I would recommend listening to Arthur Rey in a dark room on a good pair of headphones or speakers. Once you allow his music to take you completely over, you’ll be immersed by the emotional load. Perhaps you’ll find solace in the notes. And once you’re stuck wanting for more, there will be more coming in autumn!

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It also helps to stream and share his music; you can obviously find it in the following Playlists: Track Of The Day, Take It Easy and Atmospheric and Ethereality Sounds.

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