Aunt.T “Weekends Are Made for Two”

Friday has arrived, and with this, the weekend and people making plans on getting together. But what about those of us who have no plans or people to get together with? Fortunately, Fridays also bring along new releases and one of those is a single that was written with loneliness on weekends on mind. Read on to learn more about this single and its creator!

This lady is Fausat Abioye, a Britain-based singer-guitarist releasing music under her fresh solo alias Aunt.t. Her path to music has been different as she didn’t grow up in a musical setting, but that didn’t stop the creative to forge on. Even more – the artist learned to play acoustic guitar driven by the inspiring forces of Jimi Hendrix and Neil Young. Pulling inspirations from everyday life and the rich, often complicated world of feelings, Aunt.t is both a personal soul mission – her way to unravel and express what she calls “mysterious truths”, and the artist’s vehicle for spreading her messages as an older artist, which is something I love to see.

As of what you can expect to hear when hitting play, she offers a rather inviting description: “I would describe my sound as acoustic Neo Soul, candid and emotive lyrics, intimate with an air of mystery and sweet melancholy.”

Today she is ready to release the first single of the alias, a folky tune called “Weekends Are Made for Two”. This song immediately strikes with gentle and beautiful guitar playing, which supports the artist’s deep and bold voice, so pleasant to listen to I could compare it with velvet. The pensive tone in her voice speaks strong sense of loneliness. More specifically the kind that hits you on weekends:

The song was inspired by a heart to heart conversation that I’d had with a friend when we were both going through a difficult time.
We agreed that weekends always felt lonelier than any other day in the week because everyone is out socialising, having to see couples everywhere holding hands or groups of friends having a fun time; to witness it all from the outside when you are alone and have no one to share your weekends with felt incredibly painful.

The (song) outro explores the idea that we seem to be drawn online these days to find our meaningful connections and a desire to find that quick fix to end being alone.

Weekends Are Made For Two” really hits the nail on the head with both the lyrics speaking truth in all of its harshness and the contemplative melodies. It’s definitely the kind of song that will speak to all of us that has ever felt that way, strolling alone on their paths and hearing the laughter accompanied by the smell of barbecue, or observing groups enjoying their time.

This gentle song will accompany you for when you feel low, a standing reminder that it’s okay to feel that way. A little painkiller for easing the heavy feelings too, if you will!

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