Colin and the clouds – “work it out”

Vibrant and full of color, this wonderful electronica beat will make you dream and question love’s hassles while dancing in your bedroom, or the dance floor! “Work It Out” is Colin and The Clouds‘ brand new single, and it is ready for you to hit that play button!

Matteus Willysson (Drums and Perc) and Harald Eliasson (Guitar, Synth, Vocals) are two friends who met each other in high school while studying music together. Later, they both went to a recording and audio engineer program together and this is where they really started to seriously produce their own music, hence Colin and The Clouds.

Now, with mixing, mastering, live sound and show light engineering skills, the duo has challenged themselves to release a new single once a month! Influenced by modern pop and electronica performers like M83, Aurora, Billie Eilish and MGMT, their music is filled with modern synth production, live drums, guitars and vocals, all under a lush and colorful sound sure to be liked by lovers of such genres.

“Work It Out”‘s theme is about the inability to stand up straight towards your loved one when things are hard, evading the harshness of self-expression and neglecting one’s own true needs because of fear of losing or breaking up with such loved one.

“The lyrics are based upon an idea of a toxic relationship where one part is dependent on the other’s approval, scared of sorting problems out because they might lose their lover. Hence the title “Work it out”. The subject don’t want to work it out, risking a break up/loss of a partner.” – Colin and The Clouds

“We 100% improved our skills working on this song.” As part of the challenge, the duo keeps pushing themselves into new situations, wether it is a guitar arrangement, drum production or straight up using frying pans and metallic objects to fill a chorus, their spirit of commitment and exploration seems to be stronger than ever.

“The verse instrumentation is serious and inspired by nordic melancholy, countered by a playful chorus.” CATC

The duo writes, record, mixes, and masters 100% of their work by themselves in their own studio. They also have a very nice looking light show ready for tour when clubs open. “Everything is
tempo synced with fog, strobe, colours and blinders to create a vibrant atmosphere. We are graduated light and sound engineers so this setup will not disappoint!

Don’t rely on inspiration, creativity is a work ethic.” -Harald Eliasson

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