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Have you ever pondered about whether you should live like everyone else, or go for your dreams instead? This fresh artist has gone through this, and came out victoriously with a new single, which I am glad to introduce to you today. It’s a vibeful song that will certainly inspire those of you that are uncertain about pursuing what you want!

This young star of the writeup is Darrian Gerard, a Canada-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. For her, music is both a vehicle to express her deepest emotions and a good companion to dance or otherwise vibe to. Her path as a songwriter began around the age of 7 after she successfully begged her parents for a guitar. Stories of various kind began to unfold, ranging from imaginary boyfriends to the heartbreak and grief coming from the passing of her dog. As her journey continues, the more creativity and soul gets poured into her lyrical messages, and her multi-instrument skills allow for true independence.

Speaking of independence, Darrian Gerard has previously released a debut single called “I Don’t Need Anyone”, which has also been covered in our blog. Today she is ready to release her next song!

This song, written after going to a festival, is quite aptly named “Festival“. However, it’s not exactly the song that would talk about festivals, in this case it’s a story about finding what the author really wants out of her artist career and her life in general. Darrian explains further on how the song came to be:

I wrote this song because of a festival I went to called “Falls Festival” in Tasmania, Australia when I lived in Australia for 10 months. I remember being a bit intoxicated, watching a cool Aussie artist, Thelma Plum, perform her set with her band. At one point, it’s just her up there with an acoustic guitar and that’s when I realized I didn’t want to be the drunk girl standing in the crowd anymore, I wanted to be the one playing my songs on stage, the crowd singing my lyrics. 

A few tears were shed, reassuring my friends that I “just really liked the artist,” and a good chat with my partner after was when I made the decision I was not going to go on in my life without at least trying to make a run at music. It’s the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do but I just got caught up with the notion that we have to live normal lives, work 9-5’s, build a house, etc, and then ultimately get put 6 feet under. What kind of person would I be if I never went for my music dream? The lyrics in the chorus were never originally supposed to be the lyrics I have on the song now. I wrote those in the matter of seconds with all of my pent up feelings of regret and telling my self to just “go on and figure it out”. I basically wrote them just so I could get the melody for the chorus but ended up keeping them because of how raw and real they were for me. Especially the lyrics “my brain is holding my body back, let go, why is it like that?” because it alludes to my fear and anxiety of what people would think, my brain was just holding me back from taking the jump into music. This song was a turning point and a realization for me that if I didn’t go for my dream in music and take that massive leap, I would forever be the one in looking up at the artist rather than the one looking out at everyone on stage.

Echoes of that electrifying festival memory start off the song, and her voice sounds exactly as pensive and uncertain as I imagine she felt, describing herself looking up to the performer, and at her own dreams of being an artist. She then proceeds to take all of those feelings of being held back and the lack of confidence and pins them on the wall with raw and hitting lyrics, as the song stirs upwards. That minimal part of her reassuring herself to let go of those feelings and try pursuing that dream is both rather strong and really heartwarming.

I am pretty confident that Darrian Gerard will become one that looks out to her crowd from the stage in near-future. She has that soulful spark within, the melodies in her sleeve and perhaps most importantly, the messages to share with the world.

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