Bad BLOOD – “Muzzle training”

Swift and entertaining pop-punk/rock in a way you’ve never heard before. New Castle, “Geordie-Boy” musician, Bad Blood expands the limits of musical enclosure with his brand new single “Muzzle Training”, a song that gives zero fucks about what’s expected from you. Let’s get it.

Wailing from the sunny north-east coast, Bad Blood is an artist with no interest in making music that can be easily pinned-down into a single genre. Instead he lurks for the unexpected and advances whichever way he feels like. He aims to make the listener the lead character of each song, posing predicaments and dealing in dilemmas.

Finding inspiration in bands like Alt-J, 21 pilots, Lana del Rey, Nirvana, and Paul Simon, Bad Blood finds that the most engaging part of the songwriting process is when a song is nearly finished, only to ask, “How can I rip this up?”

Muzzle Training” was born from the idea that we as a society have been conditioned to think that having ambition, intelligence and success are synonyms of being happy, or the way to get there. “However, who is to say that a person who accepts their lot, is grateful for a simple life and doesn’t feel the need to wrestle with the stresses and strains, with the highs and lows of aspirations, isn’t just as happy if not more so!?

An unorthodox composition with playful vocals, low synths and heavy drums, “Muzzle Training” could be described as indie post-punk, with a chanting chorus at the end which ultimately is a perfect blend of an expression of gratitude and telling someone to go f__k themselves.

“Muzzle training’s best listened to when you’re in one of your “me- versus-the-world’“ moods, when you’re on the pre-drinks drinks, surrounded by those you trust, those you go to gigs with, those you would lend a tenner to. Start the party, start the ruckus, start the ruckus-party!”

Bad Blood premises that if we don’t stop and look at the beliefs and presumptions that seem to rule our lives, we may never realize what we really want from life. The searching of self, the true definition of our own identities according to ourselves and not the judging eye.

“Conversely, the song is about a character that is happy with his lot and feels no pressure to live up to any external expectations, whatever they might be and wherever they may come from”

Bad Blood aims to keep you guessing, rather than letting you fall into any sort of comfort zone. Instead he aims at the grey areas, the unpredictable, the fickle. Moving and turning away in a soft motion of is and isn’t. That is to say, the great work of a true un-defining artist.

“The next release after Muzzle training, you will be able to tell it’s by the same artist but the song will have a different groove, a different tempo and a different mood, whilst the ambition to make the listener stop and think will remain with every track.

Fuck external validations. Live the alternative.

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