NEW SINGLE – 28th May 2021

Down dark, claustrophobic alleyways we go… and into an underground nightclub.

‘Wandering’ – a hot-blooded love letter to the film noir genre. A microcosm of a bygone era in cinema.

It’s very late at night. The sky looks ominous and the rain is teeming down. You’re in the darkest, most desolate part of town – hurrying across the cobblestone, searching for a side street – a side street that leads you to an underground club.

You were brought here by an alluring songstress who goes by the name of Realma. You vaguely remember hitting play on a new single you wanted to check out earlier in the evening… the hypnotic melancholy of the track rapidly transported you to a different place – one you’ve always wanted to explore.

“Exploring the fine line between love and obsession”

And so here we are.

‘Wandering’ sounds like a perfect song to be hearing at an underground club at 2am. It’s a mysterious and sensual track, that showcases the vulnerability and depth of it’s narrator. It’s jazzy, loungy vibes and seductive powers will leave you floating in a haze – your head totally lost in the music and the heavy clouds of cigar smoke in this remote downtown nightclub.

This song inhabits musical territory previously and briefly visited by the likes of Tori Amos, or Rasputina… or even Madonna, in her Dick Tracy phase. It’s like a reinvented 80’s pop ballad that was designed to soundtrack a graphic novel, one set in the not so distant past.

The protagonist in this song thought she was in love, maybe she was at one point or maybe it was just obsession – but now she finds herself in an unhealthy and abusive relationship. Realma is ‘wandering’ through life and this song reveals some of her innermost thoughts. The histrionics of the song come from the piano, the orchestral flourishes and hushed spoken-words from Realma.

Symbolical accents of color similar to graphic novels like ‘Sin City’.

Realma is thrilled to be delving further into the music world with a single
that explores a whole new angle of her interests and insights – ‘Wandering’
introduces yet another distinct realm in her musical universe.

I am a huge fan of the highly dramatic genre of film noir and then I give it the
orchestral treatment from my classical music background.”

Trying to reclaim her identity… Realma is wielding the medium of songwriting
as a transformative force that offers a state of reverie and escape.

Ariadna Vrljanović-Zhao is a young Serbian-Chinese polymodal artist with distinctive roots
that continually evolve through a range of art mediums. Ariadna has focused her skills on sound in cinema, ensemble devising and physical theatre.

After returning back to Serbia due to the Covid-19, Ariadna was admitted to the prominent Ecole internationale dethéâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris. Although this has been postponed due to the pandemic, she has embarked on another artistic journey, creating the audiovisual project under the alias ‘Realma’, based upon art songs she started composing during lockdown.

A tribute to both old and new, incorporating modern whimsy and charm whilst maintaining classicism at its core.

As well as the live video (found below), which you can watch right now! – be sure to look out for the animated 3D music video by the award-winning animator and 3D artist, Mihajlo Dragaš – this is all set to be released on 11th June 2021. There will be Instagram/Facebook ads as part of the digital promotion campaign – so look out for these too. Also, keep an eye out for her next two singles later this year, which will further emphasize the unique divisions of her musical persona.

Realma’s 2nd single to date
The live performance video with a jazz ensemble and string quartet from Belgrade 

Please, please, please! – don’t forget to support this project and to follow Realma on Instagram FacebookTwitterTikTokSoundCloudYouTube, and Spotify. You can also check out her official website right here. If you enjoy Realma’s music and are able to provide monetary support, you can also download her music on Bandcamp.

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