Silver Cup “Wonderful”

The sibling duo Silver Cup momentarily step away from their usual sound with ‘Wonderful’, a stripped down ballad containing the adolescence struggle of belonging and fitting right into the conflict of a coming of age film. 

Born and raised in Utah, the sibling’s — Hadley and Logan Nelson — music has taken a strong focus and shown their perspective on what growing up in that state felt like and the experiences that have shaped them. Coming from a musically inclined family, it’s no surprise that they both write, record, and produce (from the comfort of Logan’s home studio) all of their music. 

Silver Cup are inspired by and pull elements from pop, R&B, and hip-hop, all of which can be felt in their music either as a blend or shining through at different moments. In the case of Wonderful, Hadley and Logan challenged themselves by going for a bare and slow rhythm and as it turns out, this unvarnished state fits to a tee and is what best conveys the message of the song.

The format known as a ballad is often associated with sentimentality, as the unhurried pace and poetic wording are prime methods to bring out the rawest of emotions in both the artist and audience. Wonderful is no different; deeply rooted in personal experiences of insecurity and isolation, primarily during the adolescent stage, the song oozes of a nostalgia for a sense of belonging that perhaps was never truly present.

Silver Cup, two adults who have had the time and experiences that lead to maturity, have long since stepped out of the complex box known as teenagehood. They decided to write a song that immortalizes the desire and eagerness to fit in, all in the hopes of this song reaching someone who is still in that stage and perhaps feeling the same way the Nelson siblings once did. With Wonderful, they stretch their hand out to anyone in need of support, willing to be with them and eliminate the loneliness any teen or young adult might be plagued by.

Hadley, who sings throughout the entirety of the track, gave an exclusive on how the song came to be and what can be found in every section and element. 

“When Logan introduced the bit that he wrote [ ‘Friends, they’re funny. Except for when the jokes get bland. Now I’m hurting, realizing they were planned to tell me the party ends at 10’ ] to me I resonated with it quickly. It felt like a relatable theme and something we could beef up to exude a melancholy but universal message. Each verse follows a different story or situation that lends itself to the feeling of isolation from those around you. There’s a unique sense of hurt that results from the separation of self and peers that follows someone being true to themselves. We can alter our expressive identity to blend in to the crowd around us, but it’s ultimately exhausting, uncomfortable, and dangerous to our self esteem. Thus, Wonderful is an anthem of identity, anxiety, and loneliness.”

Wonderful is a perfect example of what Logan and Hadley aims to achieve: create music that speaks to their listeners. For anyone who feels like an outsider to the status quo or separate from their peers and acquaintances, Silver Cup is a safe haven that will provide endless support and care.

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