Heather Walton “I Wanna Know”

Love is one of the most inspiring and deepest emotions of all. It’s the fuel to our dreams of what we want to be and what we want to experience in our lives, especially romantic relationships. With this in mind, it’s time to introduce a wonderful new single that’s all about looking into the innermost dreams on love.

This is Heather Walton, a California-born singer-songwriter now living in Utah. The sound she creates is a melodious combination of acoustic guitar and piano together with her pure and mesmerising singing voice. A fresh pop ballad.
Walton’s childhood was full of all kinds of arts – in addition to singing before she could talk, the young artist developed a passion for acting, took part in dance classes and vocal lessons and a whole slew of different choirs, competitions and festivals. All of this only makes it natural for her to pursue her artist career. Her inspirations cover a large ground – her love for classical music, Elton John and great female vocalists like Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey all reach into the artist’s own compositions.

Walton is all about romantic music. Her explorations in the topic of human emotions such as love lead the artist to find a deep connection with her sensual and feminine side, which also fuel the lyrics for her songs . The result is gentle, authentic, romantic and spacious, with many little surprises in store across her discography.

Heather Walton has just recently released her newest single called “I Wanna Know“. An essay on the enigmatic nature of love and an anthem for all the dreamers, “I Wanna Know” is emotional and as cinematic as it gets, diving right into the storming feelings that surround the desire to love and be loved, and what it means to love. The song begins with an introspective melody on piano, which leads on to the vocals, which speak of dreams and idealistic visions of love, but most of all – the desire to experience love. The symphonic composition in the chorus sounds almost epic, giving a vibrant backdrop to the quest for light and overcoming the boundaries that stand in the way.

A quest for light and the turmoil of the deepest desires which I’m certain are familiar to any of us, perhaps most for those that are currently single and battling with the desire to feel the romantic love again. Walton has taken all of those emotions and turned them into a song in a very convincing way. A vivid and strong song prompting the listeners to analyze and understand the deep desires of love, as only then will you be able to go for new heights in your relationships and dreams.

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