A 3 minute ‘tidal wave’ of emotion – music from the soul and a powerful voice.

A song about depression/struggling with mental health
This song was written right before the pandemic hit in January 2020 
The lyric video to ‘Tidal Wave’

We all listen to so much music – there is so much music out there that is easily accessible to us all nowadays. A lot of this music is meaningless fodder and some of it is very opaque and its is very hard for the listener to decipher what the artist is actually trying to convey. I fully accept that part of the beauty of music is its ambiguity sometimes – but that’s not where I’m going with this or what I’m really trying to say. Stay with me.

My point is that very few artists have anything meaningful to say… not many of them are capable of dealing with matters of the heart and soul. Most popstars seem afraid to be genuine, to really sing about their deepest and innermost feelings – to be open and transparent about the realities of life and the struggles so many of us go through. In many instances of course, popstars are discouraged from going down this path – they stick to the superficial – they give us saccharin.

But not Chelsey Coy. ‘Tidal Wave’ is a different proposition altogether – it comes straight from the heart, it’s driven by pain and difficulty – and the song is emotionally affecting. Chelsey pours in all of her energy and releases her deepest, darkest feelings. The result is a song that is cathartic for both artist and listener.

This particular song was brought on by Chelsey’s love of Billie Eilish and Phoebe Bridgers.

There is no disguising or hiding it – this song is deep and dark and it does tackle a difficult subject. It works and it is a resounding success for various reasons though. It’s a haunting and hypnotic synthy song that keeps you gripped for its entirety. Using ‘tidal wave’ as a metaphor for the overwhelming feel of depression – Chelsey’s wordplay is relatively simple – but also very skilled. The production here is also first class – the music conjures up images of the ocean – and it also makes you feel like you’re drowning temporarily. Ultimately though, It’s the vocal performance that really stands out the most here – Chelsey delivers a heartfelt, virtuoso performance.

Listeners will find that I tend to write melodic songs with banger choruses… I don’t shy away from exploring genres

Chelsey’s own story behind ‘Tidal Wave’.

I took this snippet (I think I had a lyrical theme and chorus idea) of a song idea to Pete White (producer, engineer, and co-writer) and we flushed out the rest of the song and he got to making the track. When I went in to record the vocals I was inspired by Billie Eilish’s newest single at the time and I put down layers of really cool, dark harmonies to mimic a kind of heartbeat in the bridge section. I think this song reflects the most vulnerable parts of me that the world has ever seen. With this song, I am literally bearing it all for people to hear in my cry for help but also trying to show people the reality of how it feels to struggle with depression – thinking you’ve made strides forward only to be smacked back down again.

This song is darker than most of the music I’ve released under my name – Chelsey Coy. I do love folk and Americana music the most (I even have an Americana band called Single Girl, Married Girl…and we are releasing a full length album this year too!)! I hope that my songwriting and voice causes listeners to hear tinges of old-school vocal powerhouses like Ella Fitzgerald, Patsy Cline, and Linda Ronstadt with modern day artists like Sara Bareilles, Jenny Lewis, Phoebe Bridgers and Kacey Musgraves.

I really try to be as vulnerable as possible in my writing because I think great art comes from vulnerability

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