NEW SINGLE – 9th June 2021


The indomitable and prolific Joshua Idehen is back in tandem with electronic duo LV and this is the first taster for imminent album ‘Ends’.

This song is as smooth as they come – for 141 seconds, you are gliding through the air. Idehen adorns the song with effortless commentary – but his words still have a real conviction. LV provide a backing track that is forward-thinking and that hopes from genre to genre seamlessly. A Chemical Leftfield intro. gives way to what could be some Yorke/Radiohead experimentation, we briefly visit ‘The Streets’ and then we’re out the other side via a pulsing, jazzy breakdown. All of this is accentuated by Idehen’s majestic vocal – it’s on a par with some of Horace Andy’s, Maxi Jazz’s or Roots Manuva’s best output. With so many elements and details, it’s hard to pinpoint what makes this song so damn good. The female backing vocal makes this single even more palatable – but ultimately, it’s the fusion of all the parts that makes this song a modern-day paragon. It’s a song that derives from despair but the artists expertly channel this into positivity, creating an uplifting and spacious song – one that really whets the appetite for the LP.

An insight from the artist himself.

“This is my favourite track off our forthcoming album. All three verses and the chorus came to me at once in an afternoon: literally started writing after I sipped some milk that’d gone off and just stared at Berocca fizzling for a few minutes. I was in a bad place at the time, and not at all sure of where I’d be the following week. Writing and recording this helped let out some of that built up poison. I hope it helps anyone hearing this feel less alone. I’d grown into a less certain, more weary reflection of who I thought I’d be now,” says Idehen. I realised, I’ve got to talk about my depression; I’ve got to talk about this horrible timeline we’re stuck in; I’ve got to make some medicine out of all this turmoil, all this defiance and rage.”

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