Elina Filice “Let’s Get Lost”

We were all naturally born into this world thinking that only “girls” and “boys” existed, but as time passed and I grew older, I learned that there were so many “in-betweens” too, that a lot of people damned and denied for their own reasons.

More than two and a half decades ago, I would always hang out at my grandfather’s architectural firm after school, and one of his associates happened to be gay..and I was caught by surprise thinking why is this man acting and speaking in quite a feminine manner? And so I asked my friend, another one of the architects working at the office, “Why is Gary acting so girly?” and so she responded, “He’s gay! Isn’t he so cool?” She then explained to me what the term gay meant, and that was the beginning of a solid, long-term friendship and a huge eye opener that it isn’t just girls and boys who walk this planet. To tell you quite frankly, I’ve always been bothered by people who’s had issues with homophobia, as I’ve never seen gay people any different than women and men. In fact, they are SO fun to be with, they add extra colour and flavour to life! Heck, even my best friend of 18 years is gay! And he is truly the kindest and most harmless person I’ve ever met.

Elina Filice

We’ve finally hit the middle of the year, and I believe there is no better way to celebrate Pride Month than for a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Elina Filice, to drop a fresh bopping single that tells us about her rollercoaster of a journey in discovering her true self and the fears and hardships of her coming out as queer.

Elina Filice

Elina Filice’s main intention in writing and releasing this song is to help those struggling in coming to terms with who they really are, those going through some sort of identity crisis, and such – through the means of a song. If I were to summarise Let’s Get Lost as easy as I can, I’d explain it as a perfect cross between rhythmic guitars, exciting synths and percussive beats, and a powerful words that are about self discovery. And of course, a lovely set of vocals to back it all up. Perhaps something similar to the work of Robyn, which are almost always so good.

Elina Filice

“If I’m writing a queer anthem, it’s gonna have to be a little gay.”

Elina Filice

I’m not quite sure what you’re thinking, but all I can really suggest right now is to give this song a listen to and I guarantee you’ll start nodding your head along with the beat or even jump out of your seat and start dancing alone. 😉 Just like we’re often told, you do you, you are you, she is she, he is he, they are they..and the end of the day, love is love, and love ALWAYS wins. ❤🧡💛💚💙💜 Happy Pride Month, everyone! Here’s a lil gift from a good soul for all of us to enjoy:

Let’s Get Lost by Elina Filice

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