NEW SINGLE RELEASED – Friday 11th June 2021

Meditative and calming – this is Kev Olden’s heartfelt second single.

A subtle breeze brushes against windchimes to set the scene and Kev Olden steps out into an post-apocalyptic world – maybe that’s an exaggeration of the world he’s trying to conjure up in the listeners mind – perhaps it’s just an average guy stepping out of his own front door to survey a new, unprecedented reality, a surreal pandemic-hit hometown.

Which ever world it is that our songwriter is describing, the mood of the song is instantly put in place – this is going to be a brief period of rumination and a time for some real soul-searching.

Gentler than Ben Howard and cleaner than Bon Iver, Kev Olden is going down a path that Half Moon Run have already meandered. His music washes over you and the lyrical content of this song gently pulls on the heartstrings.

Consumed by dark thoughts, Kev makes an impassioned plea to his depressed lover – he wants to help his partner but he desperately needs them too. They need each other equally – it seems to be a reciprocal love, it seems to be an identical situation they both find themselves in. He is struggling to come to terms with his present situation – but he really wants to provide support and encouragement at the same time.

Guided by hushed female backing vocals and expansive harmonies, the song floats by – leaving the listener in a daydream-like state. The most sincere of intentions spill from his heart – Kev’s vocals are as comforting as hot cocoa on a bitterly cold winters day. This is quite simply, a beautiful song – a song for the philosophical – a song for the lovers.

Kev Olden is an Irish artist now based in Toronto and this is the 2nd single from his upcoming EP ‘Time We Have Left’. His music is currently being promoted in Ireland and North America while he records with fellow Irish artist Tiz McNamara. His music is atmospheric, nostalgic and undeniably indie pop. He says he has been heavily influenced by artists like Bon Iver and Jack Garrat and this is clear in the serene quality to his vocals. While he’s been writing and performing for years, he says lockdown gave him the push to actually get his recordings out in the world. Originally from Cork, he was working full-time in tech companies in Dublin and part-time on different music projects before he decided to pursue a new adventure in Canada. “I landed in Toronto last March, just in time for the world to shut down. It was tough but it was what I needed to reflect on my music and get serious about a release.”

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