MOON MUSEUM – “Contraptions”

Moon Museum is BACK!! And we cannot be more excited about it! After releasing “Pleasures Of Peace” and “With You”, the shoe-gaze maestros have returned with a bittersweet indie tune with their characteristic ethereal flavor, “Contraptions“. Listen now!!

In case you missed Moon Museum’s previous singles and articles you can find them here: Pleasures of Peace, and With You.

So, a quick recap, Moon Museum was created by musicians Ian Zazueta and Ryan Joseph. Both knew each other in the San Francisco close-knitted music scene. They soon joined forces with vocalist Olivia Barchard and drummer Aaron Hazen. Teaming up with Ben Hirschfield of NuTone Recordings, the band recorded 3 songs, which included a night of debauchery and dancing with a taxidermied bear in a small town… Alrighty then, on to the single!

“Contraptions” is a bittersweet, melancholic song with a lower key than their previous singles. This time, Ryan sings the lyrics, but not without the great support of Olivia’s vocal chords and shimmering guitars. A massive wall of sound, well known of them by this point as one of their many attributes and features, immediately swarms the listener’s after an immersive intro of guitar, synth and bass.

Aaron’s mighty drums seem to support and blend everything together, while Ryan’s sensitive vocals cry out to an esoteric love, based more on visual language than any specific place, person or thing.

“It is intended to build an experience that traverses through bittersweetness, longing, and suspense while backed by Olivia Barchard’s heartfelt vocals.” And it does! There’s an aura of mystery, passion, and hard-felt love that floods the room every time you play Moon Museum.

I think this third single finishes completely to establish Moon Museum’s sound and voice today. All three songs are quite distinctive but with an unmistakable musical root. Makes me recall great 80s and 90s band such as Echo and The Bunnymen, Bauhaus or The Church. It may be that their music isn’t for everyone, but I’m sure that people into this kinds of genre will rapidly fall in love, and find Moon Museum close to their melancholic hearts.

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