Soda Cracker Jesus – “Drug My Soul”

Soda Cracker Jesus returns with another punk infused rock anthem, “Drug My Soul“. A song that depicts the illusions and addictions of social media. “Fill in the hole, drug my soul…”.

In case you missed SCJ’s previous single and article you can find it here: My Anthem.

A quick recap, Soda Cracker Jesus is the solo project of Tacoma’s own, Regan Lane. A veteran musician who earned his stripes with seminal Tacoma punks “Baby Knockors”, spent the 80s as part of rock and roll crew “Strypes”, and can be found as the frontman of Psych-rockers “Strangely Alright”.

Following the steps of its predecessor “My Anthem”, this single keeps the right amount of pop smarts and rock and roll groove. Influenced by 60s pop luminaries like The Kinks and The Beatles, Regan blends it up with an 80s new wave vibe from the likes of Robyn Hitchcock, Julian Cope and XTC.

‘Drug My Soul’ is my perception of social media, at least for me. And it can be very seductive…lol” – SCJ

The amount of positive elements that social media provides, such as the fast finding of information at any time or place, can be easily overcome by its delusions and strong gravitational pull towards it. Regan became well aware of it soon enough through his daughter and himself.

I have a 12-year-old daughter that is very engaged in it and I’ve seen it be a very good tool for information and exchanging ideas for her but at times it exerts a pull that is similar to whatever one’s drug of choice is. (That’s based on my personal experience as a drug addict who’s been in recovery for a while.) And I’m no different. I can get lost in that shit if I’m not careful…” – Regan.

Starting with the spoken quotes “- I made a new friend. – Real or imaginary? – Imaginary…” the song explodes straight away with a powerful wave of slamming drums and rich, high-gained guitars. The catchy chorus and the ominous outro throw away heart-felt emotion, and a tad bit of desperation.

“The fact that one can create a narrative of a reality that does not exist is weird and fascinating at the same time. I believe when all is said and done we are judged by our actions in the real physical world.” – Regan

Written, produced and recorded by himself, Regan’s goal is to keep getting better and better. His first single, “My Anthem” reached 15 on the Indie Alliance Music Charts and SCJ was featured on The New Music Food Bus. He was also the artist of the day for Ballroom Blitz’s Man At The Back, among others.

“My music looks back but lives in today.” – Regan

SCJ’s music looks to the future, but also understands the power of the past, and that duality is perhaps the secret ingredient for his unique nature and sound. “All music is cyclical and Lane is happy to run around his chosen track drawing inspiration from whichever era has what he needs.

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