Abby London “Anxiety”

Abby London discusses consumerism, capitalism’s growing need to keep clients addicted, and the effects of excessive and constant shopping on both us and the planet in ‘Anxiety’

Beginning her artistic career by performing in North Idaho to imaginary audiences of any scale at the age of five, Abby London has grown from being a child with a dream to becoming that dream itself, with a voice that can now reach anyone and anywhere in the world. Her life-long desire to create a world audiences can inhabit and enjoy her music has gradually become her performing in the current world, using a combination of keyboard, guitar, and vocals, alongside a general indie vibe to communicate with the rest of the musical universe and those who have the same questions about the world.

After fighting her own vices and moving onto a better lifestyle, Abby has begun new projects and found more time to do what she truly loves. Since 2016, she’s been working into making her dreams a reality and her hard work truly paid off by November of 2018, when she achieved a sold-out, self-produced show with her own pre-recorded tracks and full costumes and props. The following year’s even more successful ALL the COLORS and her 2021 house scripted show, Unmasked: Anxiety Release, are more examples of how her life has been making a turn for the better.

Her new single, Anxiety, is an introspective pondering on the consequences of our actions as customers and clients. The song’s somber topic is contrasted by the use of catchy eclectic sounds and the artist’s soothing vocals.

Growing up while dealing with an addiction is a reality seen too often in today’s current society, and the worst issue might be how some addictions might not be identified or recognized as the serious problems they truly are. Abby London has dealt and been sidetracked by her personal addictions and self-doubts, and though she found her way into a healing path  after moving to Seattle, the sad truth is that there are possible addictions laying low everywhere, waiting for the perfect moment to make people latch onto them. 

Anxiety sheds light on how we contribute to any possible decline in our own mental health, particularly regarding anxiety and depression. Whether it is what we say, buy, eat or how we stand and communicate, every moment we make has an impact on who we are and how we perceive ourselves. When seen on a more detailed lens, we can witness how small moments and seemingly insignificant actions can lead to large-scale situations we might regret. Thinking about this reality might be worrying, but it is a truth that must be faced head on to lead a more freeing and healthier life in the long term.

But… How is a song about shopping related to depression and how happy we might be in the future? 

In the lyrics, Abby starts off by wondering if her anxiety is due to the damage she causes others. By impulsively and constantly buying more and more, is anyone else affected by her choices, or is the impact limited to her own bank account? Indeed, as the line of thoughts keeps going, she goes from a self-centered point of view and begins to realize how her purchases might affect the manufacturers, the people who are exploited for her to gain an item, and the ones who are overworked to make sure her product is delivered within two to three business days. 

The forlorn and ruminative questions Abby London keeps asking herself in each new verse, as well as her admittance of knowing the treatment and behavior she’s perpetuating, give the listener similar thoughts, either reminding us or letting us know for the first time about the impact we have on others’ lives and ultimately, the environment. Anxiety is a song that, instead of wallowing in self-loathing, focuses on the importance and the positive impact of changing our conduct and habits to more helpful and healthier alternatives. 

By slowly but surely helping others change, Abby herself is also changing, creating a positive chain of self-improvement and kindness. To those hoping to have a good year, Abby London might be the artist you won’t want to miss out on.

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