Áine Duffy “I’ll Wear White”

Have you ever wondered why some rules and ideas are still around? How to dress, how to be and what to do seem to be bent to obey some very outdated rules, and in the world as it is today, it becomes more and more obvious this is no good. With this in mind, it’s Friday and time to introduce a wonderful artist and her new single all about these things!

The star of this writeup is a Cork-based singer-songwriter Áine Duffy. The Irish artist began making music at the age of 15 and has since found her passion and motivation in music. Having studied Music Management and Sound, she embarked on an international tour in both sides of the pond. Her performance in Switzerland impressed the crowd so much she was gifted two Patrick Eggle guitars and asked to perform in the Patrick Eggle factory, which she did with joy.
It’s also worth mentioning her passion in music ranges beyond her own music – Áine Duffy, having a good understanding of music culture, uses her knowledge to better the lives of her fellow Irish musicians, helping the voices of under-represented artists reach more ears.

The artist’s path has been full of many events so far, including an invitation to record with Roger Greenawalt, a renowned record producer. But if there’s one thing that hasn’t changed, it’s her staying true to her heritage. Her warm Irish accent, voice and personality make the artist stand out and it’s honestly no wonder she has become as prolific as she is.

Today, the Irish artist welcomes us to listen to her new single. Titled “I’ll Wear White“, it’s a strong sparking song about old-fashioned rules and the unkindness and hurt they lead to. Forging her own distinct sound and pure skills, the new song is full of naturally flowing melodies in all fronts. Her voice is really lovely, having storyteller features in most enamoring and infectious ways. Together with the easy-going beat and those pleasantly well harmonizing background vocals, this song keeps on giving wonderful vibes. A beautifully crafted song with a powerful message – an urge to ditch the old rules and be kind, helpful and untainted from those outdated ideologies, as that will be the way we can grow as a society.

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