Kat Kikta’s “Magic”

Kat Kikta continues to enchant, enamor and release healing music with her new release, ‘Magic’.

As her career continues and her listening audience grows, so does Kikta’s immense presence in every new song. The multidimensional and empowering, encouraging artist and singer-songwriter Kat Kikta is an infinitely creative woman inspired by music, film, and art sound who makes use of nature and organically found noises and tunes, alongside some electronic beats, to slowly turn one note or sound into Avant-pop music suffused with cinematic influences. 

Kat Kikta performs an active role as an on-screen performer, seen from her involvement in the making of her music videos and the instrumentals for her music. Considering her goals to help listeners heal and rekindle their spirits, her sound being based on meditation and her experimental, mythical style feel like the best choice for the themes she speaks about.

After her debut in 2020 with the enigmatic ‘Deja Vu’ and her follow up single ‘I Let You Go’ — a breakup song that evokes heartache and a desire to feel healthy love and trust again, which Less Than 1,000 Followers reviewed upon release. This third single is also part of her upcoming project, the album Moldavite.

Aptly described as a sanctuary, the track is comfort; filled with strong emotional and reliable energy, it encourages the listener to lay back in its embrace and take a deep breath for the first time in a while. Despite lasting five minutes and twenty-three seconds, the feelings Magic brings and the experiences it might cause are equally profound and endless. Kikta’s music excels at living in its own realm, separate from the tangibility of the physical world and the problems that surround it.

Symphonically, it’s a soundscape made of a field recording of a small harbor in Weymouth at night. Blurring the line between nature and humanity, the field recording is a lullaby that hypnotizes the listener and erases memories of artificial and exasperating sounds, magnifying the organic feeling and the spiritual ambience. When talking about the song, Kikta explains how the track was created by the environment, and her role consisted of witnessing, recording, and arranging it to allow others to behold its beauty as well. 

Lyrically, however, Magic is an entirely different story. She goes on to say the following:

“The lyrics came to me while I was traveling home to the Tatra mountains of Slovakia to be with my father, who was very ill and did not have much time left. It was during that trip when I realized how precious our time is, and that all I really have is the present moment. I wrote the lyrics on the train, returning from Dad’s hospital visit…”

The artist continued: “What brought these lyrics together with this soundscape, was that they both perfectly captured a moment in time, and reflected it timelessly and beautifully. They just fitted. I made the soundscape a couple of years before the lyrics came, and I always thought I could hear melodies and harmonies hidden in the sounds, but it never really felt finished. It wasn’t until the lyrics presented themselves that the two pieces finished each other and became a song.”

Teaser for Magic’s official music video, which will premier on June 21st.

As a song, Magic can be said to be a bridge; aiming to connect all the feelings humans are capable of, and transmitting the most powerful and positive emotions to everyone tied to this bridge of improvement and appreciation for life. 

With Magic, Kikta has made her most uplifting and inspiring song to date. Step by step, life is worth living with the knowledge that we’ll leave a mark, however temporary it is, on someone or something. If we can help it, making a positive impact on others and on the world would be a good way to leave our spiritual footprint, and Magic understands this message, pushing listeners and giving them the strength to keep going. Truly, Kat Kikta’s music is the most tender and caring spell one might feel. 

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