NEW SINGLE RELEASED – Saturday 12th June 2021

Unique, atmospheric and evocative – this is ‘Some Kind Of Dream’.

A song is an intimate moment that makes you want to look up at the sky
and feel that every single thing in the world is connected

Kindred Connection are fast developing a very loyal fan-base and their music is reaching more and more people – and this new single will only serve to propel them further down the road to stardom.

Using shades of masterful bands like Keane, A Silent Film and The National will do these two Italians no harm whatsoever – the opening lines to this song are especially Berninger-esque. The topic they deal with on this occasion is gut-wrenching and traumatic. Intriguingly though, the strings, swirls and flourishes here are reminiscent of Ólafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm – it’s a majestic collision of words and contrasting musical worlds.

The band members are Gabriele & Mattia from Turin (Italy).
Gabriele is the singer & lyricist, he also plays guitar & piano.
Mattia is the producer, he plays guitars & synths and he gets along
well with the drums even though he never wants to admit it!

This is an alluring and captivating song – atmospheric and haunting – and most importantly of all, deeply touching. The lyrics really rip through the soul – if you fully immerse yourself in this song, just like I did – it is certain to bring tears to your eyes. The subject matter is definitely on the dark side – but it is also very real – it’s something we all have to face and contend with at some point in our life. Musically, the song is exquisite, graceful and very pleasing to the ears.

The soundscape evokes images of beaches and waves – Gabriele seems to be singing from the perspective of a man totally alone with his own thoughts, staring into the infinite horizon of the ocean. He is trying to keep it together but he is finding it very hard to let go and he deeply regrets that he never had the chance to say a proper goodbye to his loved one.

This lamenting ballad culminates with an attenuation of grief and an acceptance of death – this is represented by the orchestral ending of the track. It’s an emotional journey that we are taken on for 4 minutes – but it is also a richly rewarding one.

“The day we finished the arrangement of the song and listened to it again together,
we were moved – it was a very touching and intimate moment”

Kindred Connection’s music is influenced by a strong neoclassical and electronic component but also by the world of pop and rock music. ‘Some Kind Of Dream’ was entirely recorded and produced by us in our home studio in the middle of nature in the Italian countryside. The mix and the master were done in London. The concept behind Kindred Connection’s music is to compose pop vocal melodies and then try as much as possible to bring them into a unique dimension through a mix of electronic and orchestral arrangements.

In the artists own words…

The melody of this song was born long before the lyrics, Mattia was particularly inspired by the lead vocal and he wrote most of the orchestral sketches. The inspiration for the lyrics came when we happened to read a chapter of the book that Gabriel’s brother is writing. The protagonist of that book is a man who loses his wife and with her the meaning of life. That character’s desperation was the creative spark, we decided to write about his suffering and mourning but in the same time we didn’t want to create something hopeless. In the last part of the song, where the strings have less dramatic shades, we represented the hope and the acceptance of this man. As painful as loss may be, it is through suffering that most of people are able to rise up even stronger and wiser than before. The listeners should expect from our music to feel like they are in another dimension, hopefully a beautiful one, we want them to really feel themselves because very often in this world we focus on useless things that are distracting us from the most important one to seek.

“We are well aware that is really complicated to emerge nowadays”

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