Spiderthumb “Kashmir”

If you’re looking for some good house tunes or a song to vibe to, you’re definitely in the right place. Keep on reading to learn more about this new wonderful artist and his fresh single, for sure a treat for all those of you loving house music and deep electronic sounds!

Spiderthumb is a musical alias of Ben Jenkins, a Manchester-based electronic music producer and DJ. Music has been an important part of his life ever since he was 12 and learning how to play guitar and bass. The beginning of his musical journey included jumping between a variety of different bands playing genres like indie, metal, rock and funk. None of those genres fit the young artist well enough though, so he realized he needs to create his own musical path.

And so began his journey looking for his own sound – driven by experimentations in Ableton and using instruments he had around while in university. The artist found his love in techno and house music, recognizing the potential of electronic music and what can be achieved with the sounds. And thus, his sound explorations and discoveries began carrying the name Spiderthumb, one name for a world of sounds. Or as the artist explains:

“First time listeners to Spiderthumb should expect deep house dreamscapes, escapism through floating synths and deep, deep, atmospheric bass. I’m not genre specific, so Spiderthumb to me has been a melting pot of all of my influences and musical experiences up to this point. I hope people vibe with it.”

Today, Spiderthumb returns with his second single called “Kashmir“. A considerably earthier sound in comparison to his debut single, running in tandem with lush and warm synths in the ever-evolving soundscape. The deep vibes invite for an incredibly pleasant listening, in some ways making me feel like being on a tropical island in dusk, with city lights illuminating the horizon. The song also feels completely free of any constrictions on an near-blissful level, and that’s for a reason:

“This track is the first piece of music I made during the lockdown. It is also the first thing I’ve ever done as a solo musician! While writing this I was still experimenting with using Ableton and synths alongside my instrument playing, which allowed me to explore musical ideas without them being diluted by others. I feel as though this is the first truly “me” music I’ve made.”

Nothing sparks joy in me more than freedom of experimenting and enjoyment, and the result really shows with its infectious spirit, a summer night song when you can run along sandy paths and feel the fresh air. The echoing female vocals are especially enchanting, goosebumps galore.
Written during lockdown, but the sound he has cultivated is the most freely soaring one yet!

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