Fixxions, Greg Allison, Johnny & The Brewsers, and more…

June 13, 2021.

Week 23 2021 Hi y’all here I’m with another round of 9 Albums/EPs you should listen to released all of them recently (if you want you can take a look to our previous week here).

1.- Fixxions Self-Title Debut Album  In his own words: “Fixxions (you would offend me by categorizing it as a “catch-all album”) explores the great spaces: the ocean, the night, the sky, death and why not, the gods (what lives inside you, anyway). You will hear the words of Blaise Cendrars, Bertolt Brecht, Victor Hugo and poets of today. You will hear children’s voices, sounds of nature, mixed with melancholy, violence or furious joy on rumbling basses, pounding rhythms and enveloping guitars and synths…”

2.- Greg Allison Portal “Portal is the debut album from LA-based violinist and composer Gregory Allison. It is all-encompassing in it’s scope. Wide orchestral textures support intricate violin melodies that move into unhinged modal improvisations that draw from Allison’s experience with South Indian Classical music”.

3.- Johnny and the Brewsers. Lounge Lizard Licks In his own words: “This solo EP was born out of an all consuming drive and desire to create music and was a massive step for me to take as I was embarking on new territory. Over my career as a drummer, I always had the security of a band to collaborate with. For the first time, I was writing songs and playing all the instruments and taking on all engineering duties”.

4.- Night Motor  Fatal “On Monday 7 June 2021, Night Motor release their album Fatal. Recorded in three blistering days, the session captured the frantic energy of a band veering through the thirteen selected album cuts. It’s a post-punk workout, smashing into goth, odd pop, industrial, and garage rock, presented in the form of the new long player Fatal”.

5.- Divine Lorraine Divine In their own words: “This is a special EP that took us a year to self-produce before Matt Barrick of Muzz and The Walkmen mixed and mastered it. It ranges from psychedelic-folk to guitar rock bops to summertime melancholic hard rock”.

6.- Big Fun Oogley Boogley In their own words: “Oogley Boogley is a transition away from the rougher sound of our last album: Happy Scary and a step towards more focused sounds. We wanted to go beyond the underground surf-punky box we put ourselves into and step closer to the world of alternative rock”.

7.- Serena Welcome To Wasteland “In her Debut EP she discusses with a striking sensitivity topics like Mental Health, Self Love and the Climate issue, always keeping a positive outlook in her lyrics. Still staying within a Dark Indie genre SERENA contaminates her sonic landscape with Spoken Word poetry, Alt Pop, Indietronica and Pop-eque ballads”.

8.- the primitive shine either my life or theirs  In his own words “I call my sound “bedroom grunge”— a cross between bedroom pop and 90s alternative. I describe it as a lo-fi blend of scrappy folk, alt-rock and garage blues with autotuned vocals and MIDI backing instruments”.

9- Emma Kieran Wildflower In her own words: “This album is a collection of songs I’ve written over the past three years, and produced myself over the past few months”. Give it a listen to!!!

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Here is a guide (Playlist) with one track from each of the albums presented in this round up

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