Alan Starks – “Sprung”

Sprung” is the new single by singer-songwriter Alan Starks. It describes the feeling of falling in love with someone and how the mere presence of that special someone makes in our lives makes everything seem brigther and better. It is a love song to dedicate to those who accompany us through difficult times.

This new track was written during the first days of the lockdown inspired to look for a “way to not be depressed”, as Alan Starks personally expresses. For him, music is a way of forming connections with others; of understanding each other. Music can be various things. Some of those are a form of self expression as well as an excercise of empathy. “Sprung” connects with us because Starks’ allows himself to be honest with his feelings and directly transmit that emotion unto us.

Alan Starks takes inspiration from different sources: Bands such as Muse, Weezer, Deftones, Tool, J-Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Mono, Lana Del Rey, SZA, Denzel Curry and Doja Cat and genres as neo-classical, progressive metal, pop, indie folk and muscial (specially Les Misérables). He identifies that the mayority of his work falls under the acoustic/folk category, such in the case of today’s track “Sprung”.

The folk sound in “Sprung” is evident from the get-go with Starks’s acoustic guitar accompanied by a cello and a violin (played by Aaron Child and Stuart Maxfield, respectively). The mix and production, recorded in Rigby Roads Studios by Jordan Clark, contributes to the overall nostalgic tone that is characteristic of indie folk.

The lyirics of the track steal without a doubt the spotlight. Starks has the ability of creating images that paint the idyllic picture of that special someone. Metaphors of springtime (“You make me feel like it is spring”) and sunshine (“You’ve got the sun in your heart and it keeps bleeding out on mine”) abound, serving as a way of transmitting the comfort and admiration that they convey without saying a word.

Alan Starks’s goal is to create honest music. He has achieved that goal with “Sprung”. By being honest, it is easier for the listener to take what the music is saying, empathize with it and feel it in their own lives. That way, that someone that Starks sang about in his song would’ve been, in the mind of the listener, some other someone in their lives that sprung into mind when they listened to it.

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