Johnny & The Brewsers – “Lounge Lizard Licks”

A dazzling Blues Rock EP that is sure to captivate immediately any rock and roll lover; filled with seductive licks, low baritone growling vocals and just pure and fine blues. “Lounge Lizard Licks” is a fantastic debut EP that delivers a much needed attention to rock and roll music.

Former Engines of Ruin drummer, Johnny Brewser follows his very well received first single “Day In The Sun” with this 4 track debut EP. Written, produced, played and recorded by himself in its entirety in his sitting room.

After a potential career ending accident in 2015, Johnny found himself focusing on the power of music to aid to his recovery. Used to having the backup of a whole band, Johnny entered into unexplored territory and took over the task to produce everything on his own, including recording! Not an easy task for anyone new to this waters, but, as a matter of fact, he nailed it.

Done in isolation, the EP consists of four different songs, each one of them with a unique style and sound but very much part of a single, global sound. Vintage sounding guitars, covered with the raw, crude emotion of Johnny’s playing is present throughout the EP. Solid, transmitting and emotive. Each song has its own tale to tale, and you’ll love each one of them.

So Low opens up the EP with an immediate, fierce guitar, shredding its way into the world of blues, where old whiskey, sweaty hands and the smell of cigarettes are king. “Day In The Sun“, his opera prima, expands the nature of his sound and carves deeper into a world filled with overdrives, vintage microphones and foggy rooms.

Down By The River” brings up the shuffling drums, the low reaching vocals and the haunting lyricism. A ride to meet and shake hands with the devil, down by the river… Closing up with “Higher“, the EP terminates into an explosive burst of blues, harmonized vocals and infecting melodies that wrap up Johnny’s work. What a ride, what a blast. Finding myself higher…

“I’m currently writing new material for a follow up release and I’m also working on a separate recording project with my brother, Adam, who mixed and mastered this EP.” – Johnny Brewser

Luscious, classy and oak smelling, “Lounge Lizard Licks” might just become your favorite Blues Rock EP of the year. That is, until Johnny strikes again…

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