Memphis stone and the elevators – “Summer”

Our favorite comic book rock & rollers are back! Bringing with them a new song with the same characteristic uplifting energy, “Summer” is a beautiful song with a beautiful cause. Keep reading to know more about the amazing mission they’re on, and of course, listen to the song!

In case you missed our previous reviews from Memphis Stone and The Elevators, you can find them here: “Say Goodbye” and “Higher“.

A quick recap: Memphis Stone and The Elevators is a UK-based band that features soul’s best kept secret: Memphis Stone. A legendary singer who, rumor has it, sang in a lot of Motown records when he was a young boy but never got credited for it. After years of laying low, a couple of musicians found him at a bar and talked him into lifting up his career once again.

After their first two singles, the band returns with their well-known vintage sound that’s full of energy and pure emotion. A song made as an homage for live music, as the pandemic has seen it taken away from us for son long. “Summer” is dedicated to the great moments of live shows and the amazing experience of sharing live music with thousands of other people.

It isn’t only a great song but it also aims to strengthen the economic support provided to sound engineers, technicians and rigging crew who have been without work for more than a year. With little to none government support they are experiencing anxiety, stress, and depression.

Here’s what the band has to say:

‘Summer’ is dedicated to them and its proceeds will go to support their mental health via Make It Blue UK. This is an industry that’s close to our hearts and we’re determined to try and do something to help people whose struggles will continue – today, tomorrow and for months to come.” – Memphis, Tom and Lenny.

The single, as the band puts it, is a “bona fide indie anthem“. The kind of song you can see yourself waving your lighter in the air to. Dreamy, filled with hope, and looking towards the future, this song may warm and lift your heart as soon as you hit the play button.

“At the time we wrote it, MakeItBlue was just doing the #lightitblue campaign for the NHS in the UK, but even then we knew that we wanted to release this single alongside them and try somehow to support the industry that has given us all so much!”

The band thanks Sunshine Corner Studios in Fleet and producer Steve “Smiley” Barnard (whose playing credits include Robbie Willaims, Joe Strummer, The Alarm and Archive), as well as Matt Hay (Robbie Williams, The Who) for his remixing prowess.

Relax and let “Summer” come!

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