The Violet Nines “Can We Go”

The vibrant and lively The Violet Nines look for someone who’s equally mischievous and ready to walk the rest of the world with them in their June 11th release, ‘Can We Go’.

Making a comeback with the talented vocalist Hayley Lewis (a.k.a Corzine) as a new addition, the colorful outfit from Minneapolis are continuing with their alternative groove-centric pop fused with funk, rock and R&B sound. Originally debuting in March of 2017, the band was born as a solo project created by member Nick Eagon slowly bloomed into the multi-faceted band it currently is, including the members O’SAY, Delon, Ben, Nick, and Jon.

After temporarily stepping away from the spotlight in 2020, making the conscious decision of entering stealth mode while they developed and refined their new sound, The Violet Nines are back with their multi-fronted lineup and ready to make waves in this 2021 and onwards. 

Can We Go is the The Violet Nines’ first single after their year-long break, and it is a reflection of the time spent working on their new sound. A clear example of the direction the band is walking towards and their intended audience, it can be said that the group is an ensemble of unique members with a love for expressing themselves; fans of individuality and people unafraid of chasing their dreams as the playfully tease those around them who doubt their determination — a fitting description for both the V9s and their listeners, who most definitely appreciate the funk and dream pop-fused track.

More breaking news, the members gave Less Than 1,000 Followers an exclusive backstory on the making of the track!

“This song was written from about September through December, 2020, in the heat of a lockdown where we are in the world. That means it was quintessential COVID collab; where we would chip away at it in separate physical locations and then dropbox ideas to another. Hayley and I would be sending parts back and forth for months, racking up 100s of mix iterations haha. But out of that came something really awesome.”

The band also expressed their desire to evolve in a musical sense, and their wish to show both longtime and new listeners how they can create a banger regardless of the main music genre.

“We didn’t want another classic rock vibe (something we’ve been known for). One iteration, out of nowhere, we threw a trap bass part on it. That catapulted the song into this truly new, change of direction / unique vibe. We’re really happy with the result and are now going to chase more of that sonic trailblazing!”

“Can We Go” official music video

Music is not the only way in which The Violet Nines can express themselves, though. The release of Can We Go is accompanied by a music video with an intriguing plot line that will be continued in feature videos. With the V9 members taunting a secret agent duo and creating a fun game of cat and mouse with a little bit of risk on the side, the VHS-filter video holds a cohesive theme and storyline that fits the freeing energy of the track. Not to mention the fascination that leads to wanting more after watching this visual complement! 

Whether we’ve found that special someone who’d travel the world and universe with us, or if we’re still searching for the perfect partner in crime, The Violet Nines are here to let us know that they’ve always got our back and how, in a special way, they’re also that one friend who’s up for any adventure. 

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