Cerae “Foolishly In Love”

Ceare swoons the object of her affection and listeners alike in ‘Foolishly In Love’, an RnB and funk infused track that reflects the feelings of a serious adolescent in love.

A newly turned young adult, Cerae is an eighteen-year-old singer and songwriter with a voice that reflects longer experience and emotion than her own age. The Toronto, Canada based artist draws her experiences from her experience growing up as a young woman of Caribbean and Asian descent, particularly highlighted by the fact that she has grown in an unrelated area but has still been able to participate and celebrate her dual heritage. 

Debuting less than a year ago, her first single Clocks (Loving with You) was released in the early half of November 2020, and so far both the debut track and artist have received praise and success. The track, produced by Sarangelo, is a melancholic melody with teases and hints of funk influences — something that is seen in Foolishly In Love, and might continue to pop up in Cerae’s discography, though that is nothing deserving of a complaint when the artist has made those elements both feel as though they belong and simultaneously stand out in her two singles. 

With Clocks (Loving with You) entering the R&B Radar’s Top 50 charts as the number one track, Cerae made an outstanding debut that left listeners curious as to what her next move would be. The answer is none other than Foolishly In Love, a song that shares enough similarities but still manages to stand out as a different track of hers.

For this summer, Cerae opted for traveling through memory lane as she revisited 90’s RnB. 

Foolishly In Love is an adequately upbeat song that vibrates with the glow unique to young love and affection. Mixing the seriousness of love with the lightheartedness of most people in between the ages of seventeen and twenty, this summer anthem holds the right amount of pure and genuine love; the type that is admired and talked about fondly by those two have already gone through this stage of their life. 

It is, undoubtedly, a summer anthem that dips into the number one love in the world of art: nostalgia. With inspirations such as Lauryn Hill, Mac Miller, Beyoncé, and UMI, Cerae writes a song reminiscent of the earlier stages of some of those artists’ careers while managing to give that feeling a fresh and more modern take that feels genuine to this time and, most importantly, to Cerae herself. 

Despite being at an age where being described as wet behind the ears is quite appropriate, Cerae is growing at a noticeable and admirable pace. The importance of showing enough maturity to make her music relatable and suiting older audiences, while allowing herself to be young and unashamed about the way in which she feels at this point in her life are two artistic priorities that she noticed and has tackled very early into her career and musical growth. 

Perhaps the way in which she loves might be a tiny bit foolish, but do not let that lead you on. With her strong, alluring vocals and her passion and sincerity when it comes to making music, Cerae is both young and cheerful and serious and dedicated. By not limiting herself or the way in which she expresses and creates music, Cerae’s talents and versatility will surely continue to grow and evolve throughout her entire journey… and it is not one you want to miss out on.

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