Flaming June “The Ballad of Daniel Dawson”

Today’s single takes us back into a specific era, one that’s perhaps familiar from TV shows showing slightly sepia-colored villages, their inhabitants and their daily lives. The difference is that this single is based on a true story, a gateway into the history of the artist’s home region. Read on to learn about the story and the artist herself!

Flaming June is an indie folk project run by Louise Eatock, a songwriter and singer playing guitar and keys. She often includes various music partners into the mix and has been done so since the band was created in 1990s. The sound she cultivates is earthy and reminiscent of folk stories and forest creatures, a purely nature-inspired burst of energy. That is taken further by her effortless singing voice that soars and dances together with that spacious instrumentation. A party taking place in the village field deep in the forest and far away from civilization.

Today, she is back with a single fresh out of oven. The song, titled “The Ballad of Daniel Dawson” is a true story of a young man who was accused and hung for poisoning horses to fix the races. Running on a steady beat, the vibe of this song takes us straight back to the era of 1800s – horses, villages, people of that era and the law accompanied by considerably harsher punishments for wrong deeds. The latter was often tainted by injustice. The fear of gallows was real, but so was the hope not to get caught. Daniel Dawson, the man of this song, wasn’t so lucky.

Sung from the judge’s point of view, you can feel that specific emotion of adhering to the law with a twinge of a heartache. “Daniel Dawson, he’s a lesson that we can learn from” sounds both as a warning for others to not do what he did, but at the same time it’s also a painful reminder for the judge themselves of perhaps way too harsh judgement.

“So the song came about after I saw a tweet from a Cambridge historian that included the name Daniel Dawson and his date of death and his offense. The story is about Newmarket where I live and I love local history so I began to research what happened. I spoke to local people and most people had never heard of him so I thought it was a story worth bringing back to life. The song exposes the darker side of horse racing.
This is the first single that I have recorded and produced myself having turned my attic into a make shift studio during lockdown.”

I’m pretty sure that story from the past will find its place in the modern world. Her wonderful writing skills have turned the story into the most captivating song layered with both emotions and melodies.

This ballad also announces the arrival of a new album, due to release in autumn this year. The release will be named “Hope in a Jar” and as the artist says, it’s an album about hope. Definitely something exciting to wait for, especially when you love folk music!

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