The Chris Commerford Band “Sugar”

We’re glad to announce that Mornington Peninsula, Australia-based soul/blues-rock group The Chris Commerford Band have released a new single, entitled “Sugar.”

The Chris Commerford Band have become a well-known name throughout Melbourne’s broader scene, and they are comprised of Chris Commerford (vocals, guitar), Lennie Farchione (guitar, backing vocals), Tearnu Graham (bass, backing vocals), Harry Monaghan (drums, percussion) and Sebastian Farchione (saxophone, keys).

“Sugar” follows the release of their single from the beginning of 2021, “Better.” After staying in the top 10 of AMRAP’s metro charts for 3 consecutive weeks, “Better” went on to secure widespread radio support across the globe, being added to rotation on Germany’s LOHRO and receiving airtime from both digital and terrestrial radio in both the UK and USA.

“Sugar” has been a mammoth effort to bring to life; the smooth and seductive sonic foundation required seemingly endless refinement, and the track was 4 years in the making after multiple demos, several mixes, and uncountable hours in production. In 2016, Commerford’s obsession with R’n’B grooves initiated a deep dive into the elements that he needed to bring some of that flavor to his music. However, he couldn’t quite find the sound he was after, and he was at the point where the track was thrown in the “song bin.”

If it wasn’t for the 2020 band lineup of Sebastian, Malinie, Harry and Tearnu all convincing Commerford that “Sugar” was one of his best works, the track might have still been in the bin today; and the idea of long-term commitment to deep-seated feelings was not lost on Commerford. As he writes, “The track always felt good when we played it live and even in rehearsals Sugar still had that great feeling, so after a lot of encouragement I knew I could trust what I felt deep down that we could make it into something special.”

“Sugar” was recorded and produced by Paul Cooper from Band Booth Studios. As an experienced engineer and graceful keys player, he brought refined synth layers and lush sound pallets to the track to complement Commerford’s guitar prowess. And during Melbourne’s 2020 stage 4 Covid-19 lockdown, Cooper and Commerford reached out to Jan Skubiszewski at Red Moon Studios (John Butler Trio, Pierce Brothers, Dan Sultan) to inject the final psychedelic finishing touches and deliver the mix.

“Sugar” tells a story of infatuation, the chase, and the powerful connection that results. The track begins with an uplifting guitar melody, which is highlighted nicely by mellow chords. As Commerford’s soulful vocals join in along with the bass and drums during the track’s first verse, the lyrics paint a scene where the protagonist is falling head over heels, trying to win the affection of the desired. During the choruses, Commerford elevates this sentiment upon harmonious backing vocals, strengthening the feeling of devotion; while ethereal keys and a soaring electric guitar solo contribute to the track’s vibrant sound.

The sweetness of The Chris Commerford Band’s new single is not cloying, but rather profound; and listeners will find in the track a sense of the true love and understanding that is acquired through an untethered bond with a lover, whether in the founding moments or after 50 years. I would highly recommend “Sugar” to fans of soul- and blues-rock artists such as The Tesky Brothers, D’Angelo, and John Mayer.  

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