Flynn Rink “Down”

The duo Flynn Rink debuts with a relatable heartbreak song; though ‘Down’ is painfully toxic, this indie EDM song might just be your summer anthem. 

From the 4th line to the main stage, these two lifelong friends who grew up in the same hometown have decided to make the big decision of entering the music industry together. From playing hockey at age five in the Boston-area skating rink (the same location that inspired their name) to starting a music career over a decade later, vocalist Jack Keating and producer Joe Welch are stuck together, and the synergy they’ve built and developed during the time of the friendship is clear in the smooth blend of the vocals and instrumental. 

The duo describe their sound as one with a “John Mayer meets Coldplay meets Gryffin” kind of vibe, with their music being a seamless and natural fuse of 90’s popular sounds and cutting-edge, more modern electronic elements. 

As a debut piece, Down is everything that it must be. A clear showcase of each of the members’ talent, holding just the right amount of intimacy from the artist and relatability for the listeners, this song is the always loved love song littered with heartbreak over an insanely addicting beat. Similar to many EDM hits that have dominated previous summers, Flynn Rink chose the right song and the right time to represent who they are and what they’re here for.

The song contains a positive, cheerful melody and enough drops for them to never feel overused or overwhelming, and it is an adequate song choice for a dance floor, a party, or to listen to in the car as the breeze hits your face… And in the unfortunate case that you’re stuck in traffic as you listen to this song, at least Keating and Welch will make the wait bearable with their excellent single. 

With their electronic inspired chorus and lyrics narrating the pain of someone who’s toxic or unhealthy for you leaving after such a long time spent together, the song overflows with energy and charisma, culminating in an explosive and emotional blend of classic, and the usual with a new spark of innovation.

Flynn Rink desires to make songs that make every experience unforgettable, and Down is their first step in that direction. There is no need to elaborate on how this is the right song to start off with; a single listen will be more than enough to understand how talented these guys are.

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