Jacob Reddy “Everything’s Alright”

We’re glad to announce that Lancashire, United Kingdom-based indie-pop singer-songwriter Jacob Reddy has released a new solo single, titled “Everything’s Alright.”

A natural performer who loves being on stage, Jacob’s live shows are full of upbeat energy, where his enthusiastic approach aims to get the audience buzzing! He carries this infectious attitude into his songwriting, which draws inspiration from a wide range of artists including Frank Turner, Tom Grennan, Oasis and All Time Low. “When I’m at a gig, I love watching artists that almost conduct the crowd, where the tunes stick in your head straight away and the whole venue is belting out the lyrics. With my own music, I’m trying to generate a similar feeling, aiming to create a repertoire of memorable, audience-pleasing anthems!From the first time I ever listened to rock music, especially with stadium bands such as Queen and The Killers, I’ve absolutely loved those massive, uplifting anthems that you can’t stop singing!,” Jacob says.

Jacob has been playing electric guitar since he was 7 and began songwriting almost immediately afterwards. You’ll now find him (weather dependent!) busking throughout the North West of England to self-fund the recording, mixing and production of his songs. “I live, sleep, eat and breathe music, and basically live for the opportunity to write, play and especially perform! – pretty much the best feeling you could ever have!,” Jacob says.

Jacob’s previous single from earlier this year, the insanely catchy “Outside The Box,” was described by Pete Owen from Wndrlnd FM as “A Total Beer Garden Banger!” The track has already been streamed more than 8000 times on Spotify and was personally added to the playlist, “One Foot Before The Other, by Frank Turner – none other than Jacob’s musical hero!

“Everything’s Alright” is Jacob’s latest single, originally written as an up-tempo acoustic guitar rock track with an Oasis-style chord structure. Working with the expert production team at Esche Haus Audio, Jacob decided to give it a far cooler, more modern feel by first slowing the tempo slightly and then introducing a pop/funk style introduction, which was maintained throughout “Everything’s Alright” (despite the track still being predominantly rock-sounding). Jacob used several different types of percussion, along with drums (provided by James Duckworth) to support the tempo and build-up of the song; and he also approached Marc Winstanley from the band Passengers UK to provide a brilliant guitar solo two thirds of the way through the song. In addition, Imogen Storey (who, along with James Duckworth, form half of the superb alt-rock band Novustory) added her unique backing vocals to the song, giving it a much “bigger” sound.

I’ve had such fun with the production team whilst developing the song, adding a varied range of percussion instrumentation and also calling upon the immense talents of Imogen Storey (backing vocals), James Duckworth (drums) and Marc Winstanley (guitar solo), to give the track extra warmth, clarity and a real uplifting energy,” Jacob says.

Lyrically, “Everything’s Alright!” is an optimistic look ahead to the future where we can work together to “light a fire” and “ignite a spark,” creating “brand new memories,” where of course… “Everything’s Alright!” As Jacob explains, “Regarding the actual ‘story’ of the song, I always try, wherever possible, to write lyrics which are hopeful and positive. I’m a young artist, and understand that the world has been quite dark and tension-filled recently. I like to maintain a positive outlook and want to compose songs which look beyond the troubles and difficulties, and instead focus on how we can work together, through family and friendship etc, to build a better future. I know that this might sound somewhat unrealistic and aspirational, but music is definitely a medium which brings people together. That feeling of togetherness that is felt when attending a gig, where the whole audience sing in unison, is what I’m aiming to inspire through my songs.”

The introduction of “Everything’s Alright” immediately catches the listener’s attention, drawing inspiration from the way in which bands such as All Time Low or The Wombats manage to build in dance and funk elements to their songs, while still maintaining a rock vibe. The song builds up towards a crescendo for the anthemic chorus, where the guitars kick in and Jacob’s distinctive, edgy vocals become more resonant. With its memorable lyrics and dynamic melodies, “Everything’s Alright” is quite an enjoyable listen, showcasing Jacob’s brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship. I would highly recommend this track to fans of indie rock and indie pop alike.

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