Michael Donoghue “Universe Eyes”

If you feel like dreamily stargazing tonight, stop for a moment. There’s an exciting artist with a very suitable new release and I’m certain this song you’re about to read on will bring out the stars even when it’s clouded – in your loved one’s eyes.

The artist of this writeup is Michael Donoghue, a Jersey-based electronic music producer specialized in composing an own brand of chillout leftfield electronica. His path as a music producer began in in 2017 with his alias Cosmosapien. Later, in summer 2020 he decided to put that alter ego to rest and started releasing music under his own name.

Donoghue’s sound carries waves coming from multible inspiring genres, making each of his songs become a different journey. The deep cinematic vibes, lush full-bodied low end and steady techno elements offer a rich variety for enhancing pretty much any activity you might take on, from nighttime drives to writing code, or simply relaxing and daydreaming to the atmospheric sounds. All of this also means his music will never become too repetitive to bore the listener.

“First time listeners can probably expect to hear a range of different electronic styles and genres. My back catalogue is a collection of melodic down temp, ambient techno, and atmospheric soundscapes. I like to think I can offer something for different moods :)”

Today, Michael Donoghue is back to add a new single to his already strong list of releases. This single carries a dreamy title – “Universe Eyes” and sounds equally as tranquil and reflective as one would suggest from the name. Beginning with slow notes like a person approaching the wonder, the song slowly expands to include shimmering and interweaving synths, culminating with strong yet glass-like notes on top of a vibrant soundscape. And where it’s the most intense, the song suddenly departs from this and goes back to relative silence accompanied by those slow notes, as if it’s a person who awoke from their wondrous trance-state.

“This track was inspired by my daughters eyes. We went to the park in the morning, and I composed the track in a couple of hours whilst she was napping. It was kind of strange how quickly the piece came together.
There’s not much more to it. I guess it’s a soundtrack for the people who’ve gazed into someones eyes and felt a connection with their soul. A connection that brings the universe to a standstill for a brief moment.”

This part mystery and part admiration sounds exactly what it feels like looking into the eyes of another living being. With all that emotional energy stored within, the song does a really good job at enveloping the listener with every listen, showing what really matters in life.

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