Top 10 No. 2 Top 100 Songs 2021 Moon Walker – “The TV Made Me Do It”

A sensational funky deliver blended with social critique. Los Angeles’s Moon Walker are back with a spicy and catchy tune going heads on towards media sensationalism. Pure and funky rock and roll. Listen now to “The TV Made Me Do It“.

Moon Walker is a two-piece band created by Sean McCarthy on drums and Harry Springer on guitar, vocals and production. They have been playing together for almost ten years, toured nationally with their band The Midnight Club and formed Moon Walker during lockdown as a creative outlet.

Mixing blues, funk and just a tiny bit of stoner rock, this dynamic duo delivers a special hit of aggression and, may I say, coolness in their songs. Dialing back (just a bit) the fuzzy overdriven sound that is found on their previous single “Tear Down The Wall”, the band hits back again with an ever-slightly smoother sound. But not smoother lyrics. “The TV Made Me Do It” is a direct response to the capital insurrection in January

“The song initially started as a criticism of the older generation’s habit of blaming every form of domestic terrorism (by white people) on art/entertainment.” – Moon Walker

Starting with a “fat & funky” guitar line, the song immediately catches attention with the grooving drums and Harry’s soprano vocals. Moving smoothly towards the chorus, the lyrics satirize the neglect and logical departure of people zombified by the TV, news and political movements.

I knew that the main character in the song had to *do* something towards the end of the song but I was hesitant to finish it off, since it seemed like such a hard line to walk. The next day the capital insurrection happened, so that pretty much plopped the ending in my lap.” – Harry

The band seems to base their visual textures with 70’s attire, twisted with a modern approach. Taking inspiration from bands like Pink Floyd and Talking Heads, it is no wonder that the band oozes out vintage rock and roll spirit, all with their own ferocious yet enlightening approach to social commentary.

I wrote it [the single] before even seeing that video of Trump blatantly encouraging his followers to storm the capital, and thus, inciting a riot. But thank god for that, so the song has another layer of truth/relevance!” – Harry

Apparently the band made a whole record all at once, and are patiently waiting for the time it comes out and reveal the many faces this band has. “I think that being a Moon Walker listener might prove to be kind of like riding a roller coaster. But I think that when the whole record is out, it will make perfect sense.- Harry

Here are some last lines about the song from Harry:

“The TV Made Me Do It” is about our relationship with media. Our desire to regulate it, censor it and use it as a scapegoat, while also using it to push agendas and add purpose to our lives. I think it’s one of the most necessary songs we’ve made. I really think conservatives, especially, should listen close.”- Harry

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