Neia Jane- “I’ll Survive”

LA based singer-songwriter Neia Jane’s new single “I’ll Survive” focuses on the theme of perseverance in difficult times. The track is an anthem that serves as a reminder of the hidden strength that lives inside us at all times; the strength that we can rely on once we think we can’t continue anymore. The strength of a survivor.

Neia Jane was born in Queenstown New Zealand. At 18 years old, she studied at Berklee College of Music. While she has experimented with genres such as indie-folk and electronic pop, her characteristic sound, which she calls Glitter Grunge, is based on alt rock and electronic pop. It is a mix of heavy rock/punk guitars and bass alongside pop based synths and vocals, which allows a deep and personal exploration of sound and themes.

“I’ll Survive” was written in a difficult period in Neia Jane’s life. Struggling with depression, anxiety and a worldwide pandemic, she wrote this song to remind herself of her own strength, and to remind the listener that they too carry it within them:

“I was in a dark place with depression and anxiety, and I needed to remind myself of the power that I held within myself to get better. Writing this song really helped me to channel my inner survivor and fighter, and to encourage myself to push through and make it to a better day.”-Neia Jane

The track starts with bass and synths that establish a constant rhythm throughout the verses while the lyrics explain the difficulties that Jane has struggled by comparing them to a fistfight. Even though she is almost defeated, Neia Jane sings that she knows that she will carry on in the chorus. Guitars and brighter synths enter the scene while Jane goes all out on the chorus as she reaffirms her own inner force. In this way, she is able to transmit us her optimism and perseverance. As we continue listening, we feel the force in our blood building up little by little until it bursts out and stays with us even when the track ends.

“I’ll Survive” is a catchy song that is able to explore difficult themes while at the same time offering a positive outlook on life. With her unique sound Glitter Grunge, Neia Jane is able to create original, honest and empowering tracks that transmit her raw emotions in a very unique and exciting way.

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